Talbots Taps TeaLeaf RealiTea for Real-Time Visibility into Online Customer Experience

Mary Wagner

San Francisco, CA, April 25, 2005 -- TeaLeaf, a leading provider of solutions that offer powerful visibility into the online customer experience, today announced that Talbots Inc., a leading national specialty retailer, cataloger, and e-tailer of classic apparel, has chosen TeaLeaf RealiTea, a Web application management solution, to help detect, analyze, and respond to problems that might affect its e-commerce Web site.

For Talbots, customer service permeates all areas of the business. The company prides itself on offering excellent personalized service in its stores, on the phone, and online. As a result, Talbots has developed some of the most loyal customers in the industry. To help support its customer service and retention efforts on its website, talbots.com, the company deployed TeaLeaf RealiTea.

TeaLeaf RealiTea detects the obstacles that prevent customers from completing online transactions, allowing Talbots to eliminate problems before they happen and improve the overall online experience for its customers. It also allows Talbots to analyze the impact of potential online problems, including discovering patterns that might otherwise go undetected.

"Talbots has earned a reputation for providing excellent customer service," said Rebecca Ward, President & CEO of TeaLeaf. "Customers today are expecting the same high levels of customer service online as they would get if they were to walk into the store. Using TeaLeaf RealiTea, Talbots has the same level of visibility into its online operations as it does with its store operations. If something goes wrong, Talbots can immediately identify and fix the problem, thereby reducing customer abandonments and improving customer retention."

About TeaLeaf RealiTea

TeaLeaf RealiTea passively captures what customers do and see in real-time, enabling immediate detection, analysis, and response to issues blocking customers from successfully using key eBusiness services. Providing rules-based session inspection, true visual reproduction, rapid diagnosis, and actionable reporting in a scalable and secure environment, TeaLeaf RealiTea uncovers problems that otherwise go undetected, significantly reduces problem resolution time and eliminates obstacles that lower customer conversion rates and raise customer service burdens.

Delivering real-time, browser-level visibility into every customer`s complete online experience, the TeaLeaf platform maximizes conversion rates while minimizing support costs by enabling eBusinesses to immediately detect, analyze, and respond to problems blocking customers from successfully completing online transactions.

About TeaLeaf

TeaLeaf® is a leading provider of solutions that offer powerful visibility into the online customer experience. Providing unprecedented visibility to all stake holders within an organization, from C-level executives, IT management, business managers, and customer service, the TeaLeaf RealiTea platform is the only solution that gives a browser-level, `outside-in` view of the customer experience of every user, for every transaction, because in the maturing eBusiness environment, online customer failures are no longer an option. Using patented technology, the award-winning TeaLeaf RealiTea solution enables companies to detect, analyze, and respond to eliminate obstacles that prevent customers from successfully conducting business online. TeaLeaf is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and its customers include more than 25 Fortune-class companies including more than 30 financial services institutions, 15 insurance providers, and nearly 40 leading retailers, as well as manufacturers, travel & hospitality, telecommunications, and distribution companies. For more information, email info@tealeaf.com or visit the Web site at http://www.tealeaf.com.

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