RealDialog® Enhances Ford Motor Company Dealer Service Operations

Paul Demery

Web-based, Automated Agent Will Provide 4,500 Dealer Sites with Instant Answers to Service, Warranty and Recall Questions

Research Triangle Park, N.C. – April 12, 2005 – RealDialog® today announced Ford Motor Company will deploy RealDialog Enterprise™, its self-service solution that will automatically answer service, warranty and recall questions for dealer service personnel. For the first time, technicians at Ford dealers will have the ability to instantly and effortlessly query vast amounts of vehicle related data to receive exact answers to their questions using two-way natural language dialog.

Ensuring that dealers and service organizations have real-time, easy access to a wealth of critical vehicle information is essential to Ford. RealDialog integrates seamlessly with Ford’s OASIS system, which houses detailed information about all Ford vehicles. Using computational linguistics to engage technicians in two-way natural language dialog, RealDialog’s Web-based, automated agent delivers on-demand, detailed answers to questions along with relevant information and resources, saving technicians’ valuable time drained by traditional search solutions.

Before selecting RealDialog, keeping technicians informed was a costly and resource-intensive process. Ford’s previous application required considerable effort to implement and populate. RealDialog was able to port over the previous content to jump start development and deployment. Populating content is facilitated by RealDialog’s automatic build process and its ability to link to existing content. Administering and maintaining the product requires significantly less training or technical expertise.

“Ford was looking for a way to deliver best of breed, consistent service to its dealers and ultimately its end-consumers,” explained Mary Walker, president and CEO for RealDialog. “They were stringent in their requirements, and RealDialog was able to meet every one of them. We were able to provide all the features and benefits they were looking for, in less time and at literally a fraction of the cost of other less robust solutions.”

About RealDialog
RealDialog is the only agent-based self-service solution that uses computational linguistics to engage users in two-way natural language dialog to answer questions and deliver real-time information. Its patent-pending technology enables the software to interpret user comments to provide immediate, direct and accurate responses to inquiries and problems. RealDialog delivers consistently correct, uniform responses to customers via the Web or through the contact center environment; while delivering decreased operational costs and dramatically increased customer satisfaction. RealDialog customers include innovators in the Fortune 100 as well as progressive small and mid-sized businesses. RealDialog customers include Circuit City, Ford, WaterPik, Boeing and Southern California Edison. For more information, please visit www.realdialog.com.

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