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-- Leading Direct Marketer to Improve Drop Ship and Distribution Center Transactions with Suppliers --

St. Paul, MN, June 15, 2004 - SPS Commerce, the leading supply chain integration service provider, announced today that Fingerhut Direct Marketing, Inc., a leading direct-to-consumer marketing company, has expanded their e-commerce initiatives through SPS` hosted services for its supplier base. Fingerhut will begin offering new transaction communication models for drop ship and warehouse vendors prior to the 2004 holiday season. Suppliers will be fully integrated through SPS` Vendor Enablement Program, which streamlines supply chain performance with vendors via a hosted service to electronically exchange purchase order and invoice data.

Fingerhut Direct Marketing is a database direct marketing company selling a broad selection of general merchandise through catalogues and the Internet to millions of consumers nationwide. The Company has contracted with SPS Commerce to optimize supply chain interactions for existing suppliers with selected transaction sets that provide the efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of hosted supply chain services while setting the stage for those benefits to be extended to future new suppliers. SPS` extensive track record in executing full integration programs for automated transaction services on an accelerated time table ensured Fingerhut that this vital business priority would be best handled through the hosted model offered by SPS.

"Streamlining our supply chain processes is a vital part of our short and long term success," said John Damrow, VP of Merchandising, Fingerhut. "As our business grows, we will rely on the breadth and depth of SPS` services to scale with our needs and enhance our processes which will ensure greater customer satisfaction."

"SPS Commerce`s expansive suite of services are well tailored to support the supply chain demands of enterprises such as Fingerhut," said Archie Black, CEO of SPS Commerce. "As Fingerhut expands their number of vendors our hosted service is designed to expand in tandem, which will maintain their ability to significantly reduce costs and improve collaboration with business partners."

About Fingerhut Direct Marketing Inc.

Fingerhut Direct Marketing, Inc. is a direct to the consumer marketing company selling a broad selection of general merchandise. Products are marketed through catalogs and the Internet to millions of consumers nationwide. For more information visit www.fingerhut.com.

About SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce is the leading provider of hosted supply chain integration services. The company specializes in managing trading partner enablement and management programs to increase the depth and/or breadth of integration with trading partners - especially small and mid-sized partners. Our solution has helped many large retailers and distributors, electronically enable and integrate over 52,000 trading partners into their e-supply chain. For more information, visit www.spscommerce.com or call (651) 603-4400.

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