MarketLive(tm) Intelligent Imaging(tm) Provides Cost- Effective Dynamic Zoom, Crop, and Image Overlay Capabilities for...

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Dynamic Image Rendering Expands E-Commerce Merchandising Options, Cuts Costs, and Helps Boost Sales by Increasing Flexibility of Image Assets

Petaluma, CA -- June 16, 2004 -- Multimedia Live (MML) (http://www.mmlive.com), the leading developer of e-commerce technology and services for Intelligent Selling(tm) on the Web, has integrated dynamic imaging technology into its MarketLive(tm) Intelligent Selling(tm) System, Multimedia Live`s market-leading e-commerce application. Intelligent Imaging(tm) is a dynamic image rendering tool designed specifically as a cost-effective means of adding advanced imaging capabilities to e-commerce websites. Intelligent Imaging creates derivative images on the fly from high-resolution masters and renders them on a website in real time. This reduces costs for image processing, expands merchandising options, and can help boost sales and customer satisfaction. Primary features include zoom, dynamic re-sizing, and dynamic image overlays.

According to Forrester Research, 62% of online shoppers say that zoom is important when visiting a retail site. Intelligent Imaging was created to boost online sales by cost-effectively adding zoom capabilities, and by increasing the impact and flexibility of image assets through other powerful dynamic imaging functions. This Java(tm)-based application allows high-resolution master images to serve as the basis for any number of dynamically generated derivatives for main product shots, thumbnails, kicker images, close-ups, and many other uses. The browser-based MarketLive site administration system provides the image manipulation interface for unprecedented control over online merchandising.

Core features of the Intelligent Imaging application include:

* Zoom and pan: Dynamic interactive zoom and pan allow shoppers to get a close-up view of the product and drag the zoomed image back and forth to see all the details. Pre-set zoom levels and panning increments make navigating in the zoomed image easy and intuitive. Zoom targets allow merchandisers to call out special product features.

* Re-size and crop: Dynamic editing capabilities permit you to shrink any image and cut out unneeded parts. This permits the rapid creation of the right images for thumbnails, kickers, gateway pages, index pages, and main product pages.

* Text and image overlays: Overlays enable the layering of text and images on top of main images, making it easy to add key messaging to any image. Typical uses include adding logos for stronger online branding and placing prices or messaging such as "Sale!" directly on kickers, thumbnails, or main product images.

Dynamically rendered images can be cached on the server for rapid retrieval and to reduce server load. Batch processing applies Intelligent Imaging parameters to any number of master images. When an image is made smaller its file size is optimized for fast download and quality of appearance. The zoom feature runs on Flash so site visitors do not need special plug-ins.

"Approximately 65% of online shoppers will not buy if poor image quality hinders their shopping," said Ken Burke, Multimedia Live President and CEO. "Intelligent Imaging directly addresses this issue by improving the customer experience and encouraging purchasing. It lets online merchandisers cost-effectively add the features and quality images that entice customers to buy."

About Multimedia Live:
Multimedia Live (http://www.mmlive.com), a pioneer of Intelligent Selling(tm) online, is a nationally recognized Web technology and design company serving the catalog, direct marketing, retail, and manufacturing industries. MarketLive(tm) is Multimedia Live`s enterprise-class, Java(tm)-based, rapid e-commerce application built specifically to address the need for a powerful, effective online e-commerce merchandising engine. The company has over 130 employees working with clients as diverse as General Motors, National Geographic, Electronic Arts, Norm Thompson, and The Swiss Colony. It was founded in 1995 by entrepreneur Ken Burke and is located in Petaluma, California. Burke is the author of the recently-published book Intelligent Selling: The Art and Science of Selling Online.

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