Exquisite Apparel Consolidates its EDI TRaffic over ICC.NET

Paul Demery

NEW YORK NY, May 10, 2003 - Internet Commerce Corporation (ICC) (Nasdaq Small Cap: ICCA), a leader in the e-commerce business-to-business communication services market, today announced that Exquisite Apparel has completed its transition to the ICC.NET service for its EDI communications. Exquisite Apparel is a leading wholesale manufacturer of casual and whimsical loungewear, ties, boxer shorts and hospital wear. Exquisite Apparel`s merchandise is featured in major department and retail stores including, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Sears, JCPenney, Marshall Field`s, Loehmann`s, and Disney Theme Parks.

Shonda Brown, EDI Manager of Exquisite Apparel, stated, "Exquisite Apparel was having considerable difficulties with our old value added networks. Our document transactions were being lost with unacceptable frequency, particularly those with Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the process of restoring those transactions with our old VANs inevitably required significant amounts of time and effort. To eliminate this problem, we severed our connection with those VANs, and consolidated all of our EDI traffic over ICC.NET. Now our transactions are not mysteriously lost, and if I want to restore archived transactions for my own purposes, I can do it myself on the ICC.NET document manager."

"The ICC.NET service flexibility has also been colorfully illustrated this winter. Owing to blizzard conditions, our offices in the city were closed. However, I was able to effectively work from home on the ICC.NET service, and maintain a smooth flow for our EDI document transactions. I am extremely impressed with ICC, and would recommend it to all who inquire."

Thomas J. Stallings, Chief Executive Officer of ICC, added, "ICC takes great pride in setting the industry standard in customer satisfaction. We welcome Exquisite Apparel`s business and look forward to providing them the service they deserve."

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Internet Commerce Corporation (Nasdaq Small Cap: ICCA) is a leader in the e-commerce business-to-business communication services market. ICC.NET, the company`s global Internet-based value added network, provides complete supply chain connectivity solutions for EDI/EC while also offering users a sophisticated vehicle to securely transact files of any format and size. ICC offers a broad range of consulting services including, XML technologies, data transformation, custom application development, an EDI service bureau, as well as comprehensive e-commerce education. ICC uniquely bridges the legacy investments of yesterday to today`s Internet technologies. For further information, visit us at www.icc.net.

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