Segue Software and Keynote Systems Partner to Deliver Comprehensive E-Business Testing Solutions

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Best in Class Software and Services Bridges Gap between Quality Assurance and Post-Deployment Application Management; Delivers Optimized Application Performance

Lexington, Mass., and San Mateo, Calif. – March 4, 2004 – Segue Software (NASDAQ-SCM: SEGU), a global leader in enterprise application quality and performance management software, and Keynote (NASDAQ: KEYN), the worldwide leader in Web performance measurement, testing and management services, today announced a joint sales and marketing partnership.

Under the partnership, Segue and Keynote will work together to bring customers the best in class in Web performance monitoring, management, and testing software and services. Solutions to be jointly marketed for pre-deployment include SilkTest®, Segue’s award-winning functional/regression test offering, and SilkPerformer®, the industry’s most accurate load and performance testing solution. For pre- and post-deployment, the joint services to be marketed include Keynote’s growing portfolio of Web performance measurement and management services including LoadPro, the industry’s most precise and realistic capacity planning service.

The partnership brings together Segue, the technology leader in the automated application testing market, with Keynote, the leader in Web performance measurement, monitoring and testing services, to create a complete lifecycle management solution for continually optimizing Web-based applications. Customers using the combined Segue and Keynote solution can ensure the reliability, availability and ongoing performance of their e-business applications.

Today’s critical e-business applications are dependent on proper planning, testing and management of applications, both before and after deployment. The Segue/Keynote solution offers a complementary, full lifecycle approach to testing, monitoring and isolation of performance problems-both pre-and post-deployment-that can impact the overall end user experience and lead to costly and potentially brand-damaging outages and performance degradations. Enterprises doing business over the Web must provide a high quality end user experience. The Segue and Keynote offering bridges the gap between QA and IT teams-two groups that sometimes operate as ‘islands’-to ensure they work together to deliver a smooth application deployment process and reliable application performance post-deployment.

“Enterprises rolling out new applications for the Web encounter significant challenges during all stages of development and deployment," said Arnold Waldstein, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Keynote. “The quality assurance teams responsible for testing, and the operations people responsible for post-deployment management must work together to ensure that applications are optimized throughout both processes. Segue and Keynote’s complementary offerings facilitate seamless collaboration between these two groups. The result is an immediate return on e-business investments, maximized revenue opportunities, a positive end-user experience and an enhanced customer relationship.”

Segue’s offerings allow customers to optimize application quality and reliability throughout the development and pre-deployment process. Once applications are deployed, Keynote’s “Total Performance Management” approach provides hosted services for testing, tuning, monitoring, measuring and improving the performance of e-business applications and systems. The overarching goal of the partnership is to empower customers to deliver an optimal quality of experience to end users and to gain competitive advantage, while helping them reduce unnecessary capital expenditures and leverage existing enterprise management software. Enterprises leveraging the Segue/Keynote Systems solution are assured that applications will function as expected, and that the infrastructure necessary to support those applications can handle the anticipated load.

“This alliance brings to market a best-in-class solution that addresses the full spectrum of e-business application testing and on-going monitoring requirements,” said Rohit Gupta, Vice President of Alliances, Segue Software. “Enterprises can now benefit from the ability to provide their users with top-quality applications that lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty – a necessity in e-business where site abandonment due to performance degradation is immediate and costly.”

Segue will demonstrate how its software solutions work with Keynote’s performance management services at Keynote’s upcoming ‘Total Performance Management Symposium’ in San Mateo, Calif., on March 18. For further information about the event and to register via phone, call Abigail Yao at (650) 403-3464 or email her at ayao@keynote.com.

To register online and to view the complete agenda go to: http://www.keynote.com/forms/tpm_symposium.

About Segue Software
Segue (NASDAQ-SCM: SEGU) is a world expert in delivering software and services that ensure the accuracy and performance of enterprise applications. Segue provides comprehensive scalability, performance, monitoring and verification solutions-all aimed at ensuring reliable and predictable outcomes for fundamental business processes. A technology innovator setting new standards for higher levels of application reliability, Segue helps companies reduce risk and increase their return on investment associated with deploying new applications. By ensuring the performance, accuracy, reliability, scalability and usability of core business applications, Segue helps protect all that today’s companies have at stake: their enormous investments in IT infrastructure, competitive edge and brand reputation. Headquartered in Lexington, Mass., with offices across America and Europe, Segue can be reached at 1-800-287-1329 or www.segue.com.

About Keynote
Founded in 1995, Keynote Systems (Nasdaq “KEYN”), The Internet Performance Authority®, is the worldwide leader in Web performance measurement and management services that improve the quality of e-business. Keynote’s services enable corporate enterprises to monitor, benchmark, test, diagnose, and optimize their e-business systems both inside and outside the firewall. Approximately 2,200 corporate IT departments and 17,000 individual subscribers rely on the company`s easy-to-use and cost-effective services to increase revenues and reduce downtime costs, without requiring additional complex and costly software implementations.

The Keynote brand is recognized as The Internet Performance Authority due to the large number of Internet performance measurements its global infrastructure of over 1,600 measurement computers in 50 cities worldwide captures and stores on a daily basis (over 40 million at last count); frequent citations in the mass media regarding Web site and Internet performance; and its broad and growing range of market-leading Internet performance indices for various vertical markets.

Keynote Systems, Inc. is headquartered in San Mateo, California and can be reached at www.keynote.com or by phone in the U.S. at 1-650-403-2400.

Keynote, The Internet Performance Authority and Perspective are registered trademarks of Keynote Systems, Inc. SilkElite, and SilkVision are trademarks, and SilkTest, SilkPerformer and Segue are registered trademarks of Segue Software, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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