Transora Releases Price And PromotionData Synchronization

Kurt Peters

Solution enables trading partners to synchronize price and promotional data to reduce invoice discrepancies and associated administrative costs

CHICAGO, IL - February 9, 2004 Transora, the leading provider of data synchronization solutions, today announced the first release of the Transora Data Synchronization Network Price/Promotion Management solution. Developed in conjunction with Transora`s DSD initiative, TDSN Price/Promotion Management is based on the joint participation of some of the world`s leading companies including Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods/Nabisco, PepsiCo, Sara Lee Bakeries and The Kroger Company.

According to studies conducted by AT Kearny on behalf of the Grocery Manufacturers of America, sixty percent of all invoices generated have errors and forty-three percent of all invoices result in deductions. The cost to reconcile each invoice can range from $40 - $400. Since direct store delivery distributors deliver to the retail store multiple times per week, the volume of invoices generated is significant as are the potential cost savings.

To date, the focus of data synchronization has been on item synchronization and the time and effort required to internally prepare data. While standards-based item synchronization is a critical foundation for any data synchronization project, the ability to synchronize price and promotion data at the store level will be critical.

Transora`s TDSN Price/Promotion Management solution synchronizes both core and promotional pricing down to the store level. The TDSN solution offers several options for synchronizing store level price and promotion information depending on the customer`s need.

TDSN Price/Promotion Management has benefited from the work of the GCI DSD process group. This group, which is comprised of both manufacturers and retailers, has developed recommendations for GSMP standards that are supported by the Transora solution.

"The GCI DSD Process Group is excited to have solution providers like Transora developing solutions to support the DSD processes we are developing," said Ann Dozier, Vice-President of Business Development for Customer Business Solutions at Coca-Cola. "We value the work Transora has undertaken to assist in validating the standards developed to support DSD. This Transora release marks the beginning of standards-based data synchronization for DSD suppliers and retailers."

"Trading partners can now utilize a common format for communicating and synchronizing price and promotional data which will enable both parties to have one version of the truth, a core tenet of the GDS vision," said Ken Fleming, President and COO, Transora. "Utilizing the TDSN, customers can also be assured that their data is protected by Transora`s audit and security controls which are absolutely essential when dealing with item, price and promotional data."

In addition to launching the industry`s first standards-oriented Price/Promotion data synchronization solution, Transora and the companies involved in the creation of the solution are assisting standards-development organizations to define DSD-appropriate standards for price and promotion. Transora is committed to ensuring that its solution will be compliant with any future standards that are released.

"As a steering committee member involved in the development of this solution, I am very pleased to see our efforts coming to fruition," said Ramin Eivaz, Vice President, PepsiCo Business Intelligence & Customer Solutions." By taking a community-based approach to solution development and incorporating the standards and real-world customer needs, Transora has demonstrated that it has the knowledge, experience and commitment to data synchronization capable of delivering a robust solution which can be used in multiple vertical industries."

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