Transora First To Test Global Data Synchronization Vision With Full UCCnet Interoperability

Kurt Peters

TDSN Data Synchronization Service v.3.2 includes enhanced global connectivity, CPFR integration and UCCnet interoperability Beta Test Program

CHICAGO, USA; (July 21, 2003) Transora, the leading provider of data synchronization solutions to the consumer products industry, today announced that the Transora Data Synchronization Network (TDSN) Data Synchronization Service 3.2 is now available and that beta testing for UCCnet`s release 2.2 is well underway. Transora is the first to test this functionality with UCCnet and is at the forefront of making the Global Data Synchronization (GDS) vision a reality.

Realization of the GDS Vision

The GDS vision is to establish a network where standards compliance exists and redundant services are eliminated. The functionality required to facilitate this vision is called Intelligent Routing.

Intelligent Routing allows item data that, until now, had to be stored multiple times during the synchronization process to now pass directly from the Transora Data Synchronization Network to retailers who have subscribed to the UCCnet GLOBALregistryÔ and SYNCengineÔ. The TDSN already publishes data directly to retailers and other data pools that have a direct connection to the TDSN. Beta testing partners include leaders in DSD, private label and warehouse segments, and their major retail trading partners.

Expanded International Connectivity

The TDSN Data Synchronization Service v.3.2 also provides enhanced global connectivity with direct production-level connections to Galec, a leading French retailer, UDEX and SINFOS. This release also includes the addition of French language support, which is in addition to English and Spanish both of which are currently available.

By enabling customers to reach new international markets through the TDSN, Transora customers can utilize data already loaded into the TDSN data catalogue and synchronize that data with any trading partner connected to the GDS network either through a direct connection or a chosen data synchronization service provider such as UDEX or SINFOS.

For example, through the enhanced UDEX machine-to-machine interconnection, customer data loaded into the TDSN Data Catalogue is synchronized directly to UDEX Limited and is made available to several UK retailers including Sainsburys, Tesco and Safeway, to name a few. The SINFOS Interconnection enables Transora customers to synchronize data from the TDSN Data Catalogue to SINFOS where data is then made available to German retailers who subscribe to SINFOS as their recipient data pool.

With Transora`s expanded global network, Transora can now reach retailers accounting for nearly one fourth of global retail sales.

Integration with Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)*

Also available in the 3.2 release is integration with Transora`s CPFR application enabling manufacturers to designate which products will be forecast through the CPFR application. These items are automatically loaded into the CPFR application for collaboration with retailers. Transora`s Retailer CPFR service provides visibility to trading partners demand, inventories, orders and shipments allowing manufacturers to get the right products to the right customers at the right time.

"The GDS vision is here and Transora is leading the way with its eighth product release of the TDSN Data Synchronization Service," said Ken Fleming, President and COO, Transora. "Customers will directly benefit from enhanced global connectivity through one connection point, reduced costs by eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple service providers and most importantly, the continued confidence that Transora delivers key functionality on-time and once again, ahead of schedule."

About Transora

Transora is a standards-based, e-commerce software and services company specializing in data synchronization and collaborative commerce technologies that facilitate trade efficiencies, reduce the cost of commerce and streamline trading relationships among manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. With headquarters in Chicago, Transora`s global operations include regional offices in Amsterdam, Sao Paolo and Mexico City. To find out more about Transora, visit www.transora.com or call +1-312-463-4467.

*CPFR® is a Registered Trademark of the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards Association


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