Lillian Vernon’s web traffic grows 70% this fall

Traffic at LillianVernon.com increased 70% this fall and the site is getting as many as 1.5 million visitors a day during the holiday shopping season. It’s using Fireclick’s Netflame to speed page download and provide insight into shoppers’ behavior.

Kurt Peters

Traffic at Lillian Vernon Corp.’s LillianVernon.com has increased 70% this fall and the site is getting as many as 1.5 million visitors a day during the holiday shopping season, the company says. Its average customer views 22 pages per session.

Lillian Vernon has installed Fireclick Inc.’s Netflame content acceleration and web analytics product to help manage the demand and to understand who its customers are. As a result of employing analytics, Lillian Vernon has learned that the web site is drawing in younger customers with a greater proportion of male shoppers than the catalog, the company tells InternetRetailer.com. The content acceleration component has reduced page download time to under 4 seconds, the company says. “Lillian Vernon has catered to middle income, middle age, working women; we have learned that the site is attracting younger female customers and a lot of men,” says a Lillian Vernon spokesman.

The content acceleration part has been particularly important in serving those customers, he says. “Younger consumers are very impatient,” he says, “and they vote with their clicks. If you don’t deliver the page to them immediately, they’ll click away to somewhere else.”

He says that Fireclick’s analytics has also been important in helping merchandisers determine where to place content on the site. “We know where customers are going on the site and that tells us where to put specific promotion offers,” he says.

“Fireclick gave us valuable insight into our constantly changing customer base: information that’s crucial for traditional catalog retailers transitioning to an e-commerce model,” said Lillian Vernon, founder and CEO.

Other retailers using Fireclick’s technology include Blair Corp., Victoria’s Secret, Franklin Covey, Oriental Trading Co., American Eagle Outfitters, Patagonia, Venus Swimwear, Vivre and Paul Fredrick Menstyle.


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