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MarketLive Intelligent Selling System Provides Advanced Features, Easy Administration, Brand Support

Petaluma, CA -- November 13, 2002 -- Multimedia Live (MML) (http://www.mmlive.com), the leading developer of e-commerce technology and services for Intelligent Selling(tm) on the Web, announced today that it has created a new e-commerce website for pet supply cataloger and distributor PetEdge, formerly the New England Serum Company (www.petedge.com). This business-to-business and business-to-consumer website uses the MarketLive(tm) Intelligent Selling System(tm) as its technological core. Pet edge selected Multimedia Live and its MarketLive product because of its advanced features and functionality that make shopping online easy, integration services that seamlessly tie the new website front-end to existing back-end systems, and its overall approach that creates an effective online brand presence and leads to increased sales and customer loyalty.

PetEdge is the largest privately-held international catalog pet supply distributor. It is well known by groomers, breeders, kennel operators, veterinarians, and independent pet supply stores for its wide selection of supplies and equipment at low discount prices. PetEdge provides its clients not only with supplies and equipment they use daily in their businesses, but also retail products they resell to their own customers. The company was founded in 1956 to provide vaccines for local farmers and it has grown to provide a comprehensive selection of over 15,000 pet care products. Its new MarketLive-powered website is an integral part of the company`s re-branding, its evolving role in the market and its recent name change.

The new site takes advantage of standard MarketLive features such as a full administration system, site personalization, advanced reporting, and extensive merchandising tools. Because PetEdge caters to such a large range of businesses with varying needs and pricing plans, the site automatically updates itself with customer-specific pricing during every visit. Multimedia Live also enhanced the MarketLive product`s native capabilities through custom programming to make shopping and ordering easy.

A new comparison chart feature creates an online table of up to three customer-selected products, allowing easy feature-by-feature evaluation and price comparison. Purchases can be made directly from this comparison chart. Group pricing allows customers to take advantage of discount pricing on selected products by ordering small numbers of different products and purchasing them as a group to receive a quantity price break. The "Shampoo Finder" is an advanced decision wizard that helps consumers and businesses choose the correct product from among the dozens available.

Behind the scenes, MarketLive was closely integrated with PetEdge`s existing Ecometry(tm) back-end system. An advanced stock checker looks up product availability in the back-end database and updates the website front-end to indicate when a product is out of stock, whether it can be back ordered, and how soon it will be available. Comprehensive integration of shipping rules allows the MarketLive Order Placement Engine to calculate an extremely large number of shipping parameters: customer-selected options, product availability, hazardous material status, size and weight, and many others. Shipping pricing is adjusted appropriately, all available pricing options are presented to the customer for their selection, and an accurate and detailed order is placed to the PetEdge fulfillment center.

"MarketLive excels in deployments like this," said Multimedia Live President and CEO Ken Burke. "PetEdge has a complex set of requirements and needs an e-commerce application that will adapt to its needs as the company grows. We provided them the features they need now, the ability to build onto their site in the future, and the back-end connections that make everything run smoothly with their existing databases. This kind of scenario is what gives MarketLive clients a reliably high return on investment."

About Multimedia Live:
Multimedia Live (http://www.mmlive.com), a pioneer of Intelligent Selling(tm) online, is a nationally recognized Web technology and design company serving the catalog, direct marketing, retail and dot.com industries. MarketLive(tm) is Multimedia Live`s enterprise-class, Java(tm)-based rapid e-commerce development application built from the ground up specifically for catalogers, retailers, direct marketers, and manufacturers. The company has over 120 employees working with clients as diverse as General Motors, Washington Mutual, Electronic Arts, Norm Thompson, and Johnston & Murphy Shoes. It was founded in 1995 by entrepreneur Ken Burke and is located in Petaluma, California. Burke is the author of the recently-published book Intelligent Selling: The Art and Science of Selling Online.



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