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New Functionalities More Accurately Measure ROI by Enabling Marketers to Track Deferred Conversions

Maynard, Massachusetts - November 5, 2001 - Inceptorä, Inc., the pioneer in conversion marketing, today announced new enhancements, including deferred conversion tracking and improved reporting features, to its popular marketing software ExcediaÔ --making it the only such tool enabling marketers to track ongoing online conversions by the campaign that drove the traffic to their sites. Inceptor continues to grow both the product’s capabilities as well its client base, allowing customers such as DCPro Direct, Tracy Hamilton Inc. and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association to more accurately measure the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts.

Inceptor is also announcing the availability of its IXC Engineä and RTC Engineä for licensing by partners and resellers looking to include sophisticated database extraction and real-time control functionality as part of their own search engine optimization or online marketing offering. The IXC Engine enables search engines to find content hidden in databases in order to most effectively direct visitors to the exact Web page containing the information that they seek. The RTC Engine further enhances Excedia’s marketing capabilities by enabling marketers to control where site visitors land as well as analyze the traffic-all in real time.

One of the most challenging problems facing marketers today is their inability to accurately measure the effectiveness of various marketing initiatives. Often, potential customers visit a site to browse, but leave before registering or making a purchase. Until now, if a person has arrived at the site as a result of an email campaign, search ranking, banner ad or affiliate link, but does not convert until a later visit, the original ‘source’ driving that conversion is lost. Inceptor’s Excedia enables marketers to track a visitor’s total conversion value over time and identifies which campaign drove them to the site, resulting in a much more accurate return on investment (ROI) for each online marketing campaign.

“We’re responding to our clients’ needs by developing tools they can use to drive conversions across multiple channels and improve their ability to measure ROI,” said Michael Sack, vice president of product management at Inceptor. “Deferred conversion tracking provides marketers with a more accurate picture of their customers by observing visitors’ behavior across multiple visits and potentially across multiple channels, tying eventual sales back to the campaign that drove the initial visit. This is vital intelligence to have in order to optimize online marketing initiatives, and to identify the lifetime value of a customer.”

“Tracking online conversions is critical for our business,” said Caroline Smith, director of marketing at CFO.com. “We are excited by the new features that Inceptor’s Excedia has to offer and anticipate that we will now have an even more accurate measure of ROI for our marketing campaigns."

New Features

Other updated and improved features of the latest version of Inceptor’s Excedia include:
§ Automatic Inktomi® Index ConnectÔ inclusion: Built-in click and point support delivers faster search engine results in the Excedia/Inktomi program

§ Advanced tracking: Enhanced reporting with duplicate data filtering provides more accurate site statistics as well as invaluable behavioral data which gives marketers the most accurate picture of their Web activity

§ Updated search engine templates: New and updated search engine templates ensure maximum visibility for marketers’ content and help drive the best possible rankings at search

Inceptor will also be able to establish partner and reseller agreements with other vendors who want to incorporate Excedia’s unique core database extraction and real-time control technologies into their own products. Using Inceptor’s Excedia, traditional search engine optimization providers can help their clients expose valuable database content automatically, saving time and money, with the added benefit of measuring ROI for their clients on this activity in real-time.

Inceptor’s Excedia is currently available and can be deployed as a managed service offering, complete with secure hosting and application management. Professional services include campaign management, traffic analysis, reporting, email campaign generation, training and technical support. The product can also be purchased as a traditional software license. Excedia is distributed by Inceptor and its strategic partners and runs on Windows 2000 IIS Web Servers, Solaris UNIX platforms running either Apache Web Server or iPlanet 4.0, and Linux platforms running Apache Web Server.

About Excedia

Inceptor’s ExcediaÔ maximizes the effectiveness of online marketing by efficiently converting browsers to buyers. Excedia’s unique approach to Search Engine Optimization exposes large amounts of valuable database-driven content and quickly directs qualified prospects to the information they seek. In addition, its control features enable marketers to direct visitors to designated pages, test entry points and offers, profile group behavior, and minimize click-streams, all in real time. Instant measurement and analysis of all site activity is contained in an easy-to-use interface, enabling marketers to quantify campaign results and immediately implement changes that will improve customer conversion and retention. Excedia leverages in-depth data on visitor behavior to feed CRM systems, which allows Web marketers to micro-target site visitors with highly relevant email offers and information.

About Inceptor

InceptorÔ, Inc. is the premier provider of Conversion Marketing software and services that deliver complete command and control of online marketing initiatives into the hands of professional marketers. Excedia is the only solution available that delivers a comprehensive program for online visibility, control, analysis and communication, the four key elements of success for online marketing. Using Excedia, marketers can intelligently control their online efforts in real time, thereby improving customer conversion and increasing measurable results. The product can be deployed as a managed-service offering with secure hosting and application monitoring. A wide range of professional service offerings is also available. Inceptor has been delivering results-driven B2B and B2C marketing solutions since 1999. Clients include Blue Cross Blue Shield, British Airways and Lloyds TSB. The company is headquartered in Maynard, MA with offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, London, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC. Its Excedia software and services are available through Inceptor’s direct sales organization, as well as through select Inceptor Partners. For more information, please visit us at .


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