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Wholesale Network Helps Specialty Gift Buyers Create Products Based on Individual Needs

Arlington` Mass.-August 20` 2001-MuseumTrade.com (TM)` a private wholesale network for museum and gift retailers and vendors` now offers customized product development to help buyers create products based on their individual needs and themes. MuseumTrade.com`s product development experts work with buyers who are searching for a particular product and are unable to find what they are looking for amongst the vast collection of vendors and artisans on MuseumTrade.com. Product development experts will assess the buyer`s needs and match them with the ideal vendor` then manage as much of the product development cycle as the buyer needs.

MuseumTrade.com provides museum and specialty retail store buyers a service that includes one-on-one consultations` recommendations on how to approach and deliver a project` and time and cost-estimates. Customized product development allows buyers to speed up the development process` be assured that the vendor is an expert in its field` develop a relationship with artisans to facilitate ongoing projects` and deliver products on time and on budget.

"Assisting buyers in cost-effective and quality product development is part of our long- term strategy of helping to create efficiencies and demand for the museum and specialty gift industry`" said MuseumTrade.com President Rebecca Reynolds Moore. "MuseumTrade.com allows buyers quicker access to high-quality artisans and manufacturers and helps get products to market faster."

MuseumTrade.com` developed by veteran museum shop e-tail collaborative MuseumShop.com (R)` has created an online platform for pre-qualified museum and cultural product vendors to sell items to museum and specialty gift-shop buyers. The site hosts "e- Booths" maintained by vendors and designed to showcase their wares to qualified buyers. For buyers` MuseumTrade.com enables 24-hour free online access to a network of qualified vendors` products` including items from some of the world`s finest museums` artisans` and manufacturers. By making items available online` vendors are exposed to a global market and buyers are able to search through thousands of vendor products using Web tools that facilitate easy searching and purchasing.

About MuseumTrade.com

MuseumTrade.com is a private` online wholesale network for the museum and gift industries. Offering a wide variety of cultural items in an easy to search database` MuseumTrade.com facilitates transactions between vendors` such as jewelry artisan Angie Olami and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam` and specialty gift buyers. MuseumTrade.com gives museum vendors global exposure with the click of a mouse. All vendors and buyers are reviewed and pre-qualified by committee. MuseumTrade.com is a division of MuseumShop.com` the leading online retailer offering cultural gifts from the world`s most celebrated museums. For more information` visit http://www.museumtrade.com or call 888-872-0080.


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