comScore Networks, NetValue Announce Alliance To Create Unparalleled Global Internet Behavior Database

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Paris, FR and Reston, VA (Wednesday, June 6, 2001) -- comScore Networks, Inc. and NetValue today announced a strategic alliance that will strengthen NetValue`s position in the U.S. while expanding comScore`s presence worldwide.

Under terms of the agreement, comScore and NetValue will share resources in specific areas that will enhance new and existing product lines. NetValue will gain access to comScore`s massive consumer panel in the U.S., which will provide significantly more depth and granularity in data than any other Internet measurement service. As a result, NetValue will lead the sales and marketing of both company`s products in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Lennart Brag, CEO of NetValue S.A., commented, "NetValue will now be able to offer the market a unique, comprehensive suite of products. The partnership with comScore reinforces our presence in the U.S., while allowing NetValue to focus our financial investments in Europe, Asia, and South America."

"This agreement leverages comScore`s 1.5 million active consumer panel with NetValue`s presence in Europe and Asia to create a global product line that will truly help companies optimize their usage of the Internet so as to increase revenues,"

said Magid Abraham, CEO and co-founder of comScore.

As part of the agreement, both companies will cross-license certain existing products to each other. In particular, NetValue will license the comScore patent-pending technology, and comScore will license NetValue Online, NetValue`s online access tool.

Speaking in New York, NetValue U.S. President Jim Hatch noted, "This venture gives NetValue a strong partner in the U.S. market and provides comScore with the opportunity to have its products sold in the 15 countries and three continents in which NetValue is an established force."

Hatch added, "In the U.S., NetValue will now offer its clients a broad base of services based on comScore`s 1.5 million consumer database. Also, we will now be able to discontinue the maintenance of our own NetValue panel in the U.S. and concentrate on growing our marketing and consultancy practices."

Both companies will invest resources to increase the size of the international panel from its current 550,000 active person size to over one million active users. The resulting combined panel, which will include home, work and school audience segments, will vastly surpass any existing service in reach and accuracy. As the largest international panel, it will be projectable on an individual country basis in at least 15 countries around the world. It will also leverage comScore`s proprietary Buying Power Index (BPI) to provide the most accurate measurement of consumer online purchasing behavior available on a global basis.

About comScore Networks, Inc.

comScore Networks is a provider of data-based infrastructure services to the Internet E-economy. By providing a confidential, 360-degree view of more than 1.5 million Internet users` surfing and buying behavior, comScore`s solutions supply businesses with detailed information on Internet behavior, enabling them to optimize decision-making and fuel high-performance CRM solutions. comScore`s suite of business intelligence services - including netScore, comScore Global Network Solutions, and comScore Private Network Solutions - provides enterprises with a detailed understanding of the demographics, surfing and buying behavior of today`s Internet consumers. This includes what they buy, how often, from what sites, and how much they spend. Global leaders such as AT&T;, Dell, Hyatt Hotels, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft and Microsoft use comScore services. For more information, please visit www.comScore.com.

About NetValue, S.A.
NetValue, a global leader in Internet Intelligence, delivers unprecedented insight into online user behavior, Internet trends and activity, and e-business by incorporating superior technology and pristine research methodology. NetValue`s technology provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability to customize offerings and tailor products to meet clients` specific business needs.

NetValue delivers the greatest depth and breadth of protocol measurement, capturing all Internet protocol activity including: web, e-mail, chat, audio, video, games, instant messaging, FTP, etc. NetValue`s aggregation and categorization technologies provide the most concise panel-based service providing real-time intelligence about Internet activity.

Founded in France in 1998, NetValue has operations in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, U.S., Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, China and Taiwan. NetValue clients include AOL, MSN, T-Online, Wanadoo, Mastercard, Procter&Gamble;, Danone, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, SG Cowen, Qualcomm and Harvard Business School. NetValue can be reached through its World Wide Web site at



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