New Fossil Product Line Called For Immedient Attention

Don Davis

E-commerce solutions firm Immedient Corp. has teamed with retailer Fossil Inc. to build a content-rich web platform for the retailer's latest product line introduction. Targeted to the technologically savvy 16-to-24-year-old market, Fossil's newest line of branded apparel and jeans is being offered on the company's Immedient-built web site. Immedient provided front and backend implementation of Fossil's new visual design and enhanced the company's ability to actively manage and control the site's product line, says the Dallas-based technology provider.

Already offering watches, sunglasses and accessory lines, Fossil developed the user interface to market the new apparel line on the web, while Immedient developed the application to support it. Immedient incorporated Fossil's new visual design and integrated the site with Fossil's order fulfillment and inventory systems. The new apparel line requires splitting orders across multiple distribution warehouses, Fossil says. "By integrating the site with our backend systems, we have created a seamless system that has quickly become the most efficient fulfillment vehicle for Fossil," says Kurt Hagen, Fossil's vice president of e-commerce.

"Fossil's whole Internet marketing strategy for this apparel product line introduction called for better and faster control over site content and display," adds Jim Alkire, Immedient's senior vice president.


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