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Mobile App & Site Design

CVS launches its digital innovation lab

A beauty products wholesaler woos more B2B sales with mobile

How distributor Grainger built its mobile and e-commerce staff


Mobile Company News

Internet Retailer’s publisher launches Mobile Strategies 360

Google announces Android Pay and Buy button on mobile ads

What a Buy button on Google mobile ads would mean for retailers


Mobile Device News

Apple to give developers tools to speed up slow-load Watch apps

Google and Infineon to develop a chip that detects gestures

China gets wearable payment device as UnionPay defends its turf


Mobile Marketing

Twitter lets marketers target consumers based on their mobile apps

Snapchat rolls out video ads

Amazon’s ‘Treasure Truck’ puts web flash sales on wheels


Mobile Performance Management

Introducing the AppDynamics/Mobile Strategies 360 Performance Index

Costco and Sears deliver snappy sites during the holidays

Inconsistency plagues Walgreens’ mobile commerce site


Mobile Sales

More consumers ‘phone in’ their online Father’s Day gift orders

Investors back a new supply chain firm for hair stylists

Nordstrom turns to texts for sales


Mobile Statistics

Smartphones take traffic and sales from other shopping devices

Mobile shopping accounts for a larger share of online sales




Android users are diluting tablets’ sterling m-commerce rep

Amazon unveils new tablet for kids, readers and businesses

Staples, a tablet site pioneer, launches its first iPad app


Mobile Commerce Technology

Funding flows for taxi apps backed by China’s Uber rival

Apple Pay to link to loyalty cards and roll out in the U.K.

Chinese Laundry to change its site to responsive design


Mobile In-Store

Shoppers use their phones a lot in stores to get deals and product information

Jawbone outfits its latest model for in-store mobile payments

Retailers need to better meld mobile, web and store shopping



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