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Mobile App & Site Design

Responsive design helps double mobile revenue for e-retailer Treadmill Doctor

Apple Pay could take a healthy bite out of PayPal’s mobile payment market share

Pinterest lets app developers generate sales with its user data


Mobile Company News

Yahoo and Bing’s revised deal is worth a look

Samsung profit slumps 40% as consumers switch to iPhones

The Apple Watch debut marks a new retail strategy for Apple


Mobile Device News

Watch what happens (get it?)

BMW unveils augmented vision goggles

Google spiffs up Android Wear before Apple Watch debuts


Mobile Marketing

Google’s paid clicks rise 13% in the first quarter

Flowers in a flash!

Twitter’s ad revenue jumps nearly 72% in Q1


Mobile Performance Management

Costco and Sears deliver snappy sites during the holidays

Inconsistency plagues Walgreens’ mobile commerce site

GameStop stops the mobile home page timeouts


Mobile Sales

UK e-commerce increases 7% year over year in Q1

Starbucks gets a nice jolt from mobile

E-commerce growth helps offset declining store revenue for Pep Boys


Mobile Statistics

Mobile dominates an e-retailer’s stats sheet during the NCAA basketball tournament


How should brands use wearables?



Android users are diluting tablets’ sterling m-commerce rep

Amazon unveils new tablet for kids, readers and businesses

Staples, a tablet site pioneer, launches its first iPad app


Mobile Commerce Technology

Bigcommerce adds Zing, a mobile payments company, to its e-commerce platform

Retail accounts for most identity theft attempts

An Internet-based fund generates $4 billion in income for online shoppers in China


Mobile In-Store

75% of store shoppers use their mobile devices in-store

Solid technology and employee buy-in are essential for physical stores selling from online inventory

Retailers need to better meld mobile, web and store shopping



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