Mobile Commerce
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Mobile App & Site Design

DSW steps up efforts to marry its stores and the web

Mobile 500 retailers tap into apps

An online contact lens retailer relaunches its site with an eye on growth


Mobile Company News

A new mobile system tests the sobriety of workers in the field

Nearly two-thirds of B2B companies have mobile web sites and apps

Internet Retailer’s publisher launches Mobile Strategies 360


Mobile Device News

Macy’s tests tablets in dressing rooms to repel Amazon

Apple helps takes a bite out of U.S. watch sales

A distributor’s quick fix for its repairman clients


Mobile Marketing

Nordstrom e-commerce sales jump 24% in Q2

Mobilegeddon is a reality

How retailers can score a deal on Facebook’s mobile app install ads


Mobile Performance Management

Introducing the AppDynamics/Mobile Strategies 360 Performance Index

Costco and Sears deliver snappy sites during the holidays

Inconsistency plagues Walgreens’ mobile commerce site


Mobile Sales

Ulta nearly doubles its online sales in the first half of fiscal 2015

The merger of QVC and zulily will create a $5 billion web merchant

International shoppers help to drive major growth in mobile commerce in 2015


Mobile Statistics

Mobile commerce is now 30% of all U.S. e-commerce

Facebook’s ad revenue jumps 43% in Q2

Back-to-school shoppers rely more on smartphones and less on social media



Android users are diluting tablets’ sterling m-commerce rep

Amazon unveils new tablet for kids, readers and businesses

Staples, a tablet site pioneer, launches its first iPad app


Mobile Commerce Technology

Neiman Marcus generates more than a quarter of revenue online so far this year

Funding flows for taxi apps backed by China’s Uber rival

Apple Pay to link to loyalty cards and roll out in the U.K.


Mobile In-Store

Shoppers use their phones a lot in stores to get deals and product information

Jawbone outfits its latest model for in-store mobile payments

Retailers need to better meld mobile, web and store shopping



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