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Affiliate Marketing

Shopko brings an online gift registry to its stores

How uses affiliates to boost the bottom line

YouTube experts drive $1 million in sales for a video game accessories e-retailer


E-mail Marketing

NetSuite will acquire email service provider Bronto Software

Online retailers get in on the fun on April Fools’ Day

Groupon Goods sales soar 40.4% in Q4


International Marketing

Sales in China grow 50% year-over-year for U.S. e-retailer Blue Nile

Wal-Mart plans to launch a mobile shopping app in China

Ralph Lauren’s e-commerce sales jump 16% in Q4


Merchandising and Design

Top 500 retailer Newegg upgrades its GameCrate gaming site

Color plays a key role in web design and closing the sale polishes off a new B2B e-commerce site


Online Marketplaces

EBay is still trying to figure out same-day fulfillment

A deep dive into B2B web marketplaces

Playologie fashions an online wholesale marketplace for children’s and maternity products


Search Engine Marketing

Bing, too, says mobile friendliness matters

What a Buy button on Google mobile ads would mean for retailers

Yahoo and Bing’s revised deal is worth a look


Search Engine Optimization powers through Google’s mobile search ranking change

What’s in a name? finds better business



Site Search

Urban Decay Cosmetics gets a Pinterest mobile makeover

Game on: Otto Group hopes a little rivalry will help solve its product categorization woes

Increasing conversion rates with a visual search tool


Social Media

Macy’s makes Mother’s Day a social event

A Facebook test could help brands increase the visibility of posts

Facebook’s WhatsApp may include a business-to-consumer chat function


Video/Rich Media

Wayfair and a YouTube network launch a ‘shoppable’ home makeover show’s TV experiment

Amazon Prime video lands in JetBlue’s cabins


Web Advertising

Top 500 e-retailer Wayfair books a 52% sales gain for Q1

Amazon unveils advertising platform for mobile-app developers

How software supplier Syspro Canada increases customer leads



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