Latin America 500 Top 10

Unlike the U.S.-based Top 500 Top 10 list, where pure-plays dominate as a merchant type, the Top 10 list for the Latin America 500 attests to the popularity of retail chains with online shoppers. Many large traditional retailers in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico drive the e-commerce market forward by spearheading omnichannel initiatives. The following Top 10 list can serve as a microcosm for all of Latin American e-commerce as a whole by showcasing the prevalence of Brazilian companies.

Rank Retailer
Country Merchant Category Growth
1 B2W Digital Brazil Mass Merchant Buy to see
2 Cnova (Nova Pontocom) Brazil Mass Merchant Buy to see
3 SACI Falabella Chile Apparel/Accessories Buy to see
4 Wal-Mart Latin America Brazil Mass Merchant Buy to see
5 Netshoes Brazil Sporting Goods Buy to see
6 Máquina de Vendas Brazil Mass Merchant Buy to see
7 Dell Inc. United States Computers/Electronics Buy to see
8 Inc. United States Mass Merchant Buy to see
9 Magazine Luiza Brazil Mass Merchant Buy to see
10 Saraiva e Siciliano Brazil Books/Music/Video Buy to see
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