2012 Top 300 Latin America Data: Now Available on Top500Guide.com®

The extensive data contained in the print and digital versions of Internet Retailer's 2012 Top 300 Latin America Guide is also available online as a part of a subscription to Top500Guide.com. Our subscribers tell us how convenient it is for them to slice and dice competitive data according to more than 200 characteristics, such as merchant type, merchandise specialty, annual sales range, market ranking, shopper demographics, social metrics, conversion rate range, executive contacts, sales growth, web site performance ratings and web site functionality.

After your data fields are chosen, and with just a few more clicks, you'll get key facts and figures about the Top 300 Latin America, presented exactly the way you want them. These customized reports are an impactful way to present important search results and analysis to managers, clients—or even potential customers. All reports—standard and custom—can be printed, or saved online, for quick reference at any time.

Here are just a few examples of what the Top500Guide.com can do to answer your questions about the up-and-coming e-retailers contained in the Top 300 Latin America:

  • Which U.S. retailers are growing the fastest? Top500Guide.com ranks the top U.S. merchants in Latin America based on online sales growth.
  • Which retailers dominate Brazil, the largest national e-commerce market in Latin America? Top500Guide.com breaks down the 200 market leaders selling online in Brazil. 
  • Which Top 300 Latin America sites have the highest traffic, highest conversion rates and fastest growth? Use the Top 300 Latin America database on Top500Guide.com to get answers in seconds—and then organize your results in the custom report that you can save or print.
  • How do Top 300 Latin American retailers stack up on performance metrics? The Top 300 Latin America on Top500Guide.com reveals which e-retailers have the best site consistency and response time metrics.
  • Who's in charge of e-commerce decision making at Top 300 Latin America retailing organizations?Top500Guide.com gives subscribers access to more than 600 key decision makers and their titles at the largest e-retailing organizations in Latin America.

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