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Challenging the status quo

The Hot 100 books, music and video retailers are each using the Internet to rethink the old ways of doing things.



Why They're Hot: Even after raising the price of its subscription plans, Netflix Inc. gained more than 4.7 million new streaming subscribers in the first three quarters of this year. Those gains are thanks in large part to its continued push to add original series, documentaries and comedy specials. And it isn’t stopping there: Netflix announced plans to release its first original film, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Green Legend” next August and four new Adam Sandler feature comedies, beginning in 2016. “We are investing in original films because doing so can be favorable economically compared to current Pay TV deals and is consistent with the desires of the global on-demand generation to enjoy new movies without having to wait for months after they debut in U.S. theaters,” writes CEO Reed Hastings in a letter to shareholders.
Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:1997
  • Unique Visitors:38,098,331
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