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Old dogs, new tricks

The old saying goes that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. But for several of the mass merchants in this year's Hot 100, it is the learning of new tricks that's enabling them to thrive online.



Why They're Hot: Because many teens digest video content online rather than on TV, Kohl’s is working with youth-oriented AwesomenessTV to help it reach and relate to teenage shoppers. Kohl’s and AwesomenessTV, a subsidiary of DreamWorks Animation, in the fall rolled out a scripted TV show called “Life’s S.o. R.a.d,” which lives on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube channel. The show’s two teen stars wear clothes from Kohl’s S.o. R.a.d. line, which debuted at the same time. The retailer hopes these types of targeted initiatives will drive online growth. Kohl’s sold an estimated $1.76 billion online in 2013, up 23.1% from 2012, according to Internet Retailer’s Top500Guide.com,and chief financial officer Wes McDonald recently said the retailer plans to grow e-commerce 20% a year.
Key Statistics:
  • Date Launched:2001
  • Unique Visitors:17,035,857
  • Web-based Sales:Order the Hot 100 issue
Who They're Using: