Going platform-agnostic

Does it matter if a shopper buys an item on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart tv, on the telephone or in a store? Increasingly, multichannel retailers are saying, “no,” as they embrace what is often referred to as omnichannel retailing.



Why They're Hot: Burberry Group plc is in the midst of an ambitious project to connect the dots between its online and offline operations. Earlier this year the retailer upgraded its e-commerce system in China so that its stores and online store can share inventory. That allows store employees equipped with iPads to place orders from online stock if a store doesn’t have the item a shopper wants, and it also enables online shoppers to pick up an order in any physical store. Burberry says the new system has reduced the average delivery time for online orders in China from about 10 days to less than three days. Based on its early results, Burberry plans to expand the online and offline integrations into the United Kingdom and the United States in the near future.
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