2016 Edition | Released July 2016

Home Furnishing

At Home on the Web: A Report on the Housewares and Home Furnishings Market

A Report on the Housewares and Home Furnishings Market

  • Rankings by subcategory web sales
  • Subcategory growth rates
  • Paid search spending
  • Top merchants' growth by segment
  • Top merchants' by segment share
  • Market share broken down by 8 subcategories
2016 Home Furnishing Report, Devices
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Introducing At Home on the Web

Comprehensive analysis of the marketing and merchandising strategies for the e-retail leaders in the home goods category

Housewares and home furnishings retailers are doing many things right, as the largest players in the industry—the 101 merchants in the Top 1000—grew 2015 web sales by 21.6%, which was faster than the merchants in 13 of the other 14 merchandising categories.

These merchants are using technology, social media and search marketing to grow their businesses by pumping up the user experience and keeping shoppers coming back for more. Merchants are driving this growth by conjuring up innovative ways to depict products on their websites, developing new business models, or finding new ways to deliver purchases to consumers.

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From subcategory analysis to market share data.

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What you get

  • How fast web sales grew, by category
  • How much Amazon.com and eBay grew their home goods sales
  • Who were the fastest-growing merchants in each of 8 categories
  • What was the market share held by 8 subcategories
  • Top average monthly paid search spending for each category leader
  • Insights from 10 merchants and experts in the home goods market

Not being in Amazon means ignoring a potentially significant revenue stream.

-– Angela Hsu, VP, Internet Business and Marketing, Lamps Plus LLC


Introducing At Home on the Web

This 25-page report is a downloadable PDF that takes a close look at the housewares and home furnishings products market and the leading merchants who serve it. The home furnishings leaders in Internet Retailer's Top 1000, who are ranked by web sales, grew 2015 collective web sales by 21.6% and they did so with innovative business models, expanded product lines, new technology, and search and social marketing.

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