General FAQs
Who owns Internet Retailer and what are their backgrounds in publishing?

Internet Retailer is solely owned by six members of its management team. The same management team had started a publishing company in 1982 that became Faulkner & Gray in 1987. F&G focused on publishing magazines, newsletters, directories and conferences in the financial services and health care data networking markets. The company was sold to Thomson in 1992 but its management team was kept intact, and F&G was run as an independent Thomson entity until mid-2000, when Thomson combined all trade publishing assets into a single entity, which was sold soon afterware. At that time, Jack Love and Kurt Peters, F&G's CEO and EVP respectively, and other F&G managers left Thomson to form Vertical Web Media LLC, which purchased from Thomson Internet Retailer Magazine, a monthly publication F&G had launched a year earlier. While the VWM has expanded ten-fold since then, all founding members of the company remain in management and retain complete ownership.

Does Internet Retailer (Vertical Web Media) have any affiliation with another organization, such as a venture capital firm, parent publishing conglomerate, or trade association?

No. Internet Retailer and Vertical Web Media are completely independent organizations with no ownership or other affiliation with outside groups.

Does Vertical Web Media, which owns Internet Retailer and related information services, own any media properties outside of the e-commerce market?

No. The company is focused solely on developing media properties within the large and rapidly growing e-commerce market and has no plans to venture beyond that market for the foreseeable future.

What characteristics shape the strategy and define the corporate culture of Internet Retailer?

Independence, objectivity, loyalty to employees and a devotion to details that is necessary for excellence in publishing. The company was founded and is managed by people who were professional journalists before they were publishers and who still prize excellence in journalistic coverage of e-commerce as the company's primary asset.