August 9, 2016, 1:47 PM

5 tips for maximizing web sales this holiday season

Shopper habits change around the holidays—and product content needs to change, too.

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This upcoming holiday season, the real opportunity lies is for those brands that can make impactful changes to their content quickly - and customize it with the holiday shopper in mind. We know that consumers are browsing anywhere, anytime regardless of the season. But shopper habits change around the holidays—and product content needs to change too.

Retailers will stand out on the digital shelf by having fresh images customized for the holidays that display the products in use as well as wrapped, offer relative sizing guides that will help reduce returns.  And don't forget the power of gift guides and limited-time specialty sales. Write new product descriptions that share how and why your product is used specifically for entertaining during the season or works as a gift.

What does it take to refresh your content across your brand's portfolio to every relevant retail channel? You need a dedicated content strategy team equipped with the right technology to coordinate and optimize efforts. It requires a combination of planning ahead with the flexibility to be reactive. According to the National Retail Federation, your holiday shoppers are more interested in delivery times, gift cards, return policies, and quick checkout options than during the gift giving season than at other times of year.

We created an infographic around the  five areas that brands and retailers can get started optimizing product content. We hope it can help you do more with the capabilities you have in place today, and make the case for greater proactive content strategy going forward.

Salsify helps brands and retailers create, manage, optimize, and syndicate their product content.

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