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2015 China 500

Say Nihao to the 500 Retailers Dominating
Global E-Retailing’s Biggest Stage: China

Have you read the proverbial writing on the Great Wall yet? China is the world’s No. 1 e-commerce market for a variety of reasons every e-retailer, consumer brand manufacturer and e-commerce solutions provider based in the U.S. ought to know. And only Internet Retailer delivers the in-depth competitive data on who the 500 leading e-commerce players are in China and what’s driving their 59.1% growth in the world’s largest national e-commerce market, where total web sales reached $449.12 billion in 2014. The Internet Retailer 2015 China 500 database available through a subscription ranks the 500 largest e-retailers in China by annual web sales, furnishing scores of details on each ranked e-retailer, including their:

• 2014 and 2013 web sales
• Monthly web traffic
• Conversion rates
• Average tickets
• Social networking affiliations
• Payments and performance stats
• A listing of 841 key company executives

And more...

All told, this fully interactive online e-commerce resource highlights 154 financial and operating metrics on each of the 410 Chinese and 90 non-Chinese web merchants saying nihao to impressive growth in the world's fastest-growing e-retailing market. This treasure trove of exclusive data will help you make sense of the size, the players and the trends involved in Chinese e-commerce so that you can assess your opportunities, prospective partners and competitors in China accordingly.


How fast the top 10 Chinese e-retailers grew sales in 2014


How fast Gap Inc. grew its web sales in China in 2014

361 M

There are 361 million online shoppers in China


The percentage e-commerce represents of total retail sales in China

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2014 sales of the 500 largest e-retailers in China

  • Thorough AnalysisEach retailer's key financial, operations, web site services and other metrics

  • Industry Contacts841 e-commerce executive names

  • Social MediaTop 50 by followers of Sina Weibo, China’s top social network

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