The All-New Internet Retailer
2015 Asia 500

Meet the Top Global E-Retailers Carving Out
New Frontiers for Themselves in Asia: The World’s Largest
Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Market

What’s more impressive: the fact that the 500 leading e-retailers in Asia and the Pacific Rim collectively grew their 2014 web sales an estimated 57.1% (to $139.25 billion from $88.66 billion in 2013), or that their share of all e-commerce sales in the region only amounts to 22.6%? E-commerce is highly fragmented in Asia—unlike the U.S. or the European Union, the region isn’t united by a single currency; furthermore, there is no handful of juggernaut e-retailers that steamroll their competition. No, the very good news for web retailers, consumer brand manufacturers and e-commerce solutions providers is that Asia is rife with e-commerce opportunities—and the all-new 2015 Asia 500 Guide serves as the e-commerce compass e-retailers West and East will need to orient themselves, benchmark their own businesses, and identify their potential Asian partners and competitors. Available as a 234-page full-color digital edition or through a subscription to the fully interactive, online database, the 2015 Asia 500 ranks and profiles the 500 largest web merchants (based in 22 countries) in Asia and the Pacific Rim based on their 2014 online sales with 84 data elements on each, including:

• Sales growth rates
• Overall and country market rank
• Conversion rates
• Average tickets
• Monthly web traffic
• Social networking affiliations
• Merchandise category
• Performance metrics

The 2015 Asia 500 also features five case studies on the best practices of Amazon, ASOS, Jingdong Mall, Yoox Group and Flipkart; a feature story on the battle of big Chinese brands for China’s mobile-savvy, bargain-hungry web shoppers; and, most importantly for business development, the names, titles and addresses of the 883 e-commerce executives who operate these leading e-retail sites in Asia. In short, the 2015 Asia 500 is your passport to competing in the world’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce region.

The Best of East and West Compete in Asia’s E-Retailing Landscape
35 e-retailers from the U.S. join 465 web merchants from 21 other countries, all of whom are successfully figuring out the cultural nuances of sales and marketing strategies particular to the Asian countries where they’re selling online.

Forward-Thinking Data Presented in Two Progressive Formats
The exclusive data contained in the 2015 Asia 500 is presented in two formats designed to meet the different information needs and budgets of e-commerce marketers. The first is a $289 subscription to the Asia 500 component of the database, which lets subscribers access two years’ worth of complete data on all Asia 500 web merchants and create their own custom reports comparing selected or comparable groups of e-retailers on any of the 84 metrics contained in the database. The second is a downloadable 234-page PDF version of the 2015 Asia 500 priced at just $129. It contains the complete rankings plus all the key data charts, indexes, case studies and overview and feature articles noted above. Buy Digital Edition for $129 Subscribe to Asia 500 Database on for $289.

$450 b

2014 online sales for China


Percentage of Internet users in Japan who shop online

$1 b

2014 online sales for Indian e-retailer Flipkart


Share of Asia 500 e-commerce sales in the region

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 web sales

  • Case StudiesIn-depth profiles of 5 successful Asia 500 e-retailers

  • Thorough AnalysisKey financial, operations & performance metrics

  • Industry ContactsNames of 883 Asia 500 e-retail executives

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