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The extensive data contained in the 234-page Digital Edition of Internet Retailer’s 2015 Asia 500 are also available online as a part of a subscription to Use the database tools to slice and dice competitive information according to 84 metrics per ranked e-retailer, such as country of origin, annual web sales, 2014 monthly unique visitors, conversion rate, average ticket, total SKUs on the web, merchandising category, social media affiliations and much more.

With just a few more clicks, you can create, print and save custom reports online for quick reference at any time. They’re the optimal way to present important search results and analysis to managers, clients or even potential customers.

Here are just a few examples of what the database can do to answer your questions about the global e-retailers ranked and profiled in the 2015 Asia 500:

Who are the top 3 Asia 500 web merchants in France, Germany, India, Singapore and Taiwan? What was their year-over-year growth since the 2013 edition of the Asia 500? lets you search the Asia 500 e-retailers by country, sales growth and dozens more metrics.

Which web-only e-retailers in the Asia 500 have total online SKUs of 1 million or greater? lets you compare Asia 500 e-retailers by merchant type, showcasing which ones have online SKU totals in your desired range.

Which Asia 500 merchants recorded the highest traffic based on monthly unique visitors and which garnered the highest conversion rates? Use the Asia 500 database on to get answers in seconds—and then organize your results in the custom report that you can save or print.

Which are the most popular social media platforms for Chinese web merchants, and how many followers do they have on each? The Asia 500 database on reveals which companies are building their customer bases in China with social sites and apps like Sina Weibo and Qzone, and tallies the 2014 followers for each.

$450 b

2014 online sales for China


Percentage of Internet users in Japan who shop online

$1 b

2014 online sales for Indian e-retailer Flipkart


Share of Asia 500 e-commerce sales in the region

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