June 19, 2014, 10:32 AM

Retailers plan to boost spending on e-mail marketing

Results from a new Internet Retailer survey put e-mail marketing near the top of planned e-commerce technology investments.

E-mail marketing represents an important e-commerce technology investment for 39.4% of respondents to a new and exclusive Internet Retailer survey.

That puts e-mail marketing near the top of e-commerce technology priorities over the next year, according to the survey, conducted in early June. The survey had 99 respondents from web-only retailers, retail chains, business-to-business online sellers, consumer brand manufacturers, and merchants that sell through catalogs and call centers.

Beating e-mail marketing are investments in e-commerce platforms, cited by 61.6% of respondents (they could select more than one answer); mobile commerce, cited by 57.6%; and content management, cited by 40.4%.

E-mail marketing investments finished ahead of the following e-commerce technology priorities:

• Web analytics and social media, each cited by 34.3% of respondents.

• Site search, with 23.2%.

• Payment security, with 16.2%.

• Supply chain management, with 13.1%.

According to the anonymous responses left by survey participants, with a particular focus in the coming year will be expanding e-mail marketing for mobile shoppers.  A full account of survey results and what they say about e-commerce technology trends will appear in the upcoming July issue of Internet Retailer magazine.

Earlier this year, e-mail marketing firm ExactTarget said that 58% of marketers plan to increase their e-mail marketing spending this year. The report also found that 68% of marketers say e-mail marketing is “core to their business.” And 88% say that e-mail does or will produce a positive return on their investment.

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