March 19, 2014, 12:55 PM

An apparel web site tests a new way to shop from online videos

Apparel brand Alice + Olivia displays two videos on its site using Multipop’s interactive video player. There are no overlays or pop-ups obscuring the video; instead shopping and social links appear on the sides, and can be changed.

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Retailers are constantly competing for shoppers’ time, attention and money, and while videos tend to keep shoppers on a retail site, creating good ones can be costly and time-consuming. A new video player called Multipop by Galahad is designed to extend the utility of retailer’s videos and make them more appealing.

The player adds e-commerce functionality to videos without disrupting the video in the way that overlays and ads tend to do in other players, says Multipop founder Josh Lamb. YouTube, for example, places ads in semi-transparent boxes on top of videos to link to other sites, which customers must click to get rid of in order to see the full shot. The Multipop player puts shopping and social-sharing features on the side or below the video. Multipop by Galahad was developed by New Velocity Media, which produces technology for displaying content on the web and mobile devices.

Women’s apparel and accessories brand Alice + Olivia is testing the new video player online. Its site  features two videos that Alice + Olivia previously produced, but are now presented using the Multipop player. The player displays social media links to the left, clickable product listings to the right and pop-up product listings underneath the video if the consumer views the video in full-screen mode. As the video plays, each product featured in the video pops into place to the right and below the player so that a shopper can easily click to purchase. The listings also alert her to other relevant information, such as sale pricing and low inventory levels.

“With the Multipop Media Player, we can now give our customers a viewing experience that allows them to not only purchase the exact items they see on screen, but to also push tweets, posts, and more to their social networks. This has led to incredible results,” says CEO and founder of Alice + Olivia Stacey Bendet.

And those results are easily measured, says Alice + Olivia chief marketing officer Buffy Sash. The two videos are both generating a 33% click-through rate, and most viewers watch each video twice through, Sash says.

“We wanted to differentiate our site from other sites that we sell on to give our customers a reason to come to us,” Sash says. The Multipop player allows Alice + Olivia to show custom videos that it can update as it likes, for instance by changing the products that appear in the sidebar, which increases the longevity of a video. “We can keep the video up longer and can link to another product that is in stock, even if the video is out of season,” she says.

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