January 28, 2014, 9:00 AM

New web domains like .contractors and .technology cater to B2B companies

With top-level domain names like .equipment and .contractors becoming available, the Internet is opening new doors for small as well as large B2B organizations. Domain name registrar GoDaddy.com, meanwhile, launched a new service today to help small B2B as well as B2C companies get found online.

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The Internet is getting down to business with new domain names that can help small as well as large businesses state more clearly what they offer online. That’s because new top-level domains are becoming available. The top-level domain is represented by the three letters after the period in web address: .com is the best known, and .gov and .edu are other common ones. Now a whole slew of new web addresses are coming online.

Among the new top-level domains generating interest from online business-to-business companies are .equipment, .contractors, .studio, .build, .ventures, .business and .technology. “Each one of these names lends itself to B2B activity,” says Mike McLaughlin, vice president and general manager of domain names at GoDaddy.com Inc. GoDaddy is a domain name registrar, or retailer, of top-level domains and specializes in serving small businesses with fewer than five employees.

Sign Up for B@Becnews for FREE“This is the biggest change to the domain name system since the launch of the Internet,” says McLaughlin, who is a former executive of eBay Motors, a unit of eBay Inc.

About 900 new top-level domains will become available in the coming months, with many of them, including .build, .construction, .contractors and .technology, already open now for pre-registration. Annual fees for new domain names generally run under $100, including $24.99 for .equipment or .technology, $39.99 for .construction and $69.99 for .ventures. Applicants can also pay several thousand dollars for “priority pre-registration,” which gives them early access to apply for a particular web address with a new top-level domain, such as PowerTools.equipment.

To build on the market for new domain names, GoDaddy kicked off this week “Get Found,” a new service that it will play up in a Super Bowl TV ad Sunday as a way for small businesses to get noticed on the web. GoDaddy has built application programming interfaces  with numerous online marketplaces for listing businesses, including Zagat.com, Yelp.com, Google and Yahoo, says Rene Reinsberg, GoDaddy’s general manager of its discovery marketing business. He adds that the APIs, which are sets of software instructions for exchanging data among software applications and databases, are designed to ensure that a client company’s product descriptions, web addresses and store locations are accurately displayed on third-party sites.

Prices to sign up for Get Found range from $4.49 to $26.99 per month, depending on the amount of content a client publishes online and on the extent of exposure through online marketplaces and social media.

GoDaddy also co-released with Microsoft Corp. earlier this month “Office 365,” a suite of cloud or Internet-based business software, including an e-mail management system that uses a company’s new top-level domain. GoDaddy says it plans to sell its combination of new domain name and business services to small businesses throughout the world.

“We’re now looking overseas, from the perspective of what small businesses need overseas,” McLaughlin says. “We’re looking to expand all of our products to international markets, including domains, building web sites, hosting services, and productivity tools.

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