December 5, 2013, 2:39 PM

Mobile shopping app use grows on Black Friday

Users of high-profile apps visited multiple times last Friday, Mobidia reports.

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“Apps offer better shopping experiences than browsing the web on a phone,” says Chris Hill, vice president of marketing at mobile analytics firm Mobidia.

Users of five high-profile mobile commerce apps for smartphones spent more time in the apps this year on Black Friday compared with Black Friday last year, according to mobile analytics and wireless data management app firm Mobidia.

Following are the smartphone mobile shopping app, time spent in minutes on Black Friday 2013, time spent in minutes on Black Friday 2012 and percent increase, among consumers who indicated using the respective apps, according to Mobidia’s analysis of 114,000 U.S. Android smartphone owners:

  • Shopkick, 12.9, 11.1, 16.2%.
  • Dealnews, 12.3, 9.3, 32.3%.
  • eBay, 12.2, 11.2, 8.9%.
  • Amazon, 10.8, 10.2, 5.9%.
  • Groupon, 6.2, 3.7, 67.6%.

It should be noted that consumers using Apple Inc.’s iPhone are vastly more prone to shop on their smartphones than consumers using smartphones running Google Inc.’s Android, retailers, research firms and vendors report. For example, m-commerce platform provider Branding Brand studied 18 of its retailer clients and found visits from the iPhone accounted for 71.9% of total smartphone visits in May 2013, Android 25.5% and other smartphones 2.6%. Revenue from iPhone users accounted for 80.1% of total smartphone revenue in May 2013, Android 17.6%, and other smartphones 2.3%. As a result, Mobidia’s time spent totals potentially could be higher if iPhone users were studied.

Mobidia dug deeper into its Black Friday Android shopping app data to provide findings exclusively for Internet Retailer. The firm finds Amazon’s app to be the most popular among the five studied. 4.1% of the 114,000 Android smartphone owners used Amazon’s app on Black Friday 2013; eBay, 3.4%; Groupon, 1.3%; Shopkick, 0.2%; and Dealnews, 0.1%, Mobidia finds.

But the Shopkick app was used most frequently. The average Shopkick Android app user registered 8.6 unique app opens throughout the day last Friday; Dealnews, 8.4; eBay, 5.6; Amazon, 4.4; and Groupon, 3.0, Mobidia says.

M-commerce is growing quickly and consumers are increasingly incorporating apps into their mobile shopping repertoire, says Chris Hill, vice president of marketing at Mobidia.

“Apps offer better shopping experiences than browsing the web on a phone,” Hill says. “More people are incorporating apps into their shopping experience, and that is occurring in many ways, including finding deals, comparison shopping and straight-up shopping.”

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