October 2, 2013, 3:14 PM

If shoppers log in to retail sites with existing credentials, they mainly use Facebook

Google Plus takes second place in a new Janrain report.

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61% of shoppers who used an established login to sign into one of Janrain’s retail clients’ web sites in the third quarter entered in their Facebook credentials, according to a new report from Janrain, a provider of social media log-in technology. Janrain lets consumers sign into e-retailer sites using the user name and password combinations they have already established at such sites as Twitter, Facebook and Google Inc.’s social network Google Plus.

This marks the seventh straight quarter that the percentage of consumers signing into retail web sites with their Facebook credentials has increased among consumers who use an established log-in on retailer sites.

The 61% of those consumers who used any existing credentials who logged into Janrain’s retail clients’ sites through Facebook was up compared with 59% in the second quarter and 50% in the third quarter of 2012, it says. Janrain declined to share the percentage of consumers who use established credentials to sign into its clients’ web sites.

“Retailers want to access rich customer profile information to better market to their customers and when consumers sign into their sites using their Facebook login, they’re giving [retailers] access to that information,” says Michael Olson, product marketing manager at Janrain. To encourage shoppers to sign in using their Facebook credentials, retailers such as Sears Holdings Corp. make their Facebook login button more prominent than those for Yahoo, Google, AOL, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Trailing Facebook was Google Plus. 23% of consumers in Q3 who logged into retailers’ web sites did so with their Google Plus identities, 8% with Yahoo Inc., 2% with Twitter Inc., 1% with AOL Inc., 1% with Microsoft Corp. and 5% with other credentials, such as from LinkedIn Corp., Janrain says. The percentages add up to more than 100% due to rounding.

Janrain has clients in retail, media, entertainment, consumer brands, technology, nonprofits and education. The company says it has “hundreds” of retail clients and the retail-specific findings come from a sample of several dozen web sites.

While Facebook credentials’ market share on  retail sites continues to rise, Facebook doesn’t command as large a share when looking across all of Janrain’s clients, including companies that are not retailers. 45% of consumers who signed into all of Janrain clients’ sites using an established login in Q3 used their Facebook accounts, 33% Google Plus, 7% Yahoo, 7% Twitter, 2%  Microsoft, 2% LinkedIn and 4% other credentials.

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