October 1, 2013, 10:15 AM

Artisan Adds Two New Products to Its Mobile Experience Management Platform

Delivers Industry’s First Integrated Platform for Mobile Analytics, Optimization and Personalization

Philadelphia, PA, October 1, 2013 – Artisan Mobile, creator of the industry’s first Mobile Experience Management (MEM) platform, today announced that Artisan Analyze and Artisan Personalize are available for beta testing. Artisan’s integrated MEM platform allows non-technical customers such as marketers, designers, and product managers to analyze, test, optimize, personalize, and instantly publish changes to native mobile apps without writing code or resubmitting to mobile app stores.   Artisan will demonstrate its MEM platform at the Shop.org Annual Summit in Chicago, booth 1421.

“Native mobile apps represent a huge revenue opportunity, but continuous re-programming or using the limited point solutions on the market today is cumbersome at best.   Bottom line, companies are not even close to realizing the results that are possible from the mobile channel,” said Bob Moul, CEO, Artisan Mobile.  “The ease and comprehensiveness of our MEM platform allow companies to deliver the best possible experience for their users and maximize their return on mobile.”

When it comes to app analytics, companies report difficulty getting the data they need, trusting the data they get, and being unclear about how to act on good data if and when they get it.  Also, personalization and the ability to create targeted content and user experiences for mobile apps seriously lag what is possible for websites.  The new additions to the Artisan platform address these deficiencies.

Artisan Analyze gives unprecedented insight into mobile user behavior, allowing customers to track every user interaction without writing code.  Features of Artisan Analyze include:

  • Auto Event Collection:  Automatically collect all data from the first day the Artisan SDK is in place.  Collect not just the user, app, and session basics that other products collect, but also collect the behavior within the app, including all screen views and all control events.  Enables complete visibility into every UI-driven action in your app.
  • Goal Builder:  Build funnels and objectives to measure within your app.  Select any action within your mobile app, such as adding items to a cart, and measure your performance retroactively from the moment you began using Artisan. Analyze anything without foresight.
  • Event Tagging:  Enrich your auto-collected events, sessions, page views, and user info.  Attach prices, SKUs, category information, and anything else on the screen for highly-precise segmentation. 
  • Recommendation Engine:  Receive alerts from Artisan Analyze on outlier items and suggestions on what actions you can take to make improvements.  This feature leverages Goal Builder to consider objectives and generates suggestions in areas such as addressing performance, aberrations, and spikes or drops in user recurrence.
  • Reporting and Segmentation:  Offers all of the essential base analytics reports and segments these reports by user demographic and behavior data, including age, gender, and execution of tagged events. 

Artisan Personalize allows customers to provide customized mobile experiences for targeted user groups.  Features of Artisan Personalize include:

  • Advanced Segmentation:  Create specific audience segments based on age, gender, and location (or other app-specific data), as well as more advanced segments based on behavioral patterns and trends.  You can, for instance, decide to offer a certain discount to women between the ages of 20 and 30 who live in Detroit and tend to buy shoes under $50.
  • Targeted Content: Design and publish content specific to different audience segments.
  • Power Hooks:  Creates configurable variables in your app that you can see and manipulate in the Artisan design canvas.  Developers write code for the hook only one time.  From that point on, business users can easily make modifications without the need to re-write code.  For example, a power hook might be established to offer discounts.  Based on analytics, the business user decides to push different discounts to different audience segments, which he or she can easily do without bothering developers whenever a change is made.

Artisan Analyze and Artisan Personalize join Artisan Optimize on the MEM platform.  Artisan Optimize, which launched into general availability earlier this year, allows non-technical customers to make dynamic updates, conduct A/B tests, and optimize designs in a matter of minutes versus the weeks it would require with a traditional coding approach. 

Unlike today’s point solutions, the products on the Artisan MEM platform are fully integrated with one user interface and share key features and data so that customers can seamlessly manage the entire native app experience in one environment. For instance, a company employing the full MEM suite can discover segments of high potential customers using Analyze, save that segment, use Optimize to test different messages and designs for that segment, and then use Personalize to create targeted content and experiences for that same segment.

For more information on Artisan, please visit www.useartisan.com.

About Artisan

Artisan is the creator of the industry’s first Mobile Experience Management platform.  Artisan significantly accelerates the path to user engagement and creates new opportunities for business growth.  By bringing the capabilities of online Customer Experience Management and Web Marketing Optimization to the mobile app world, Artisan helps organizations drive mobile adoption, retention, conversion, and revenue.  Artisan is venture-backed by FirstMark Capital and is proudly located in Old City Philadelphia.

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