July 11, 2013, 2:22 PM

BorderJump Joins Demandware LINK to Help Enable US Retailers to Sell Globally

Pre-built integration makes it faster and easier for Demandware clients to deploy BorderJump’s suite of global e-Commerce tools

Nashville, TENN – July 11, 2013 – BorderJump today announced that it has become a Demandware

LINK Technology Partner, joining a best-of-breed community committed to accelerating the adoption of innovative commerce technologies that are complementary to the Demandware Commerce platform. Through the LINK Technology Partner Program, BorderJump has developed a pre‐built integration that makes its BorderShip and BorderPay solutions available for Demandware clients to implement in a fraction of the time normally required.

BorderJump’s services are delivered seamlessly on integrated retailer websites without hosted checkouts or redirects that negatively impact conversion rates. The company’s technology includes BorderShip, a fully landed cost solution that provides guaranteed full landed cost quotes with all duties, taxes, brokerage and shipping charges included. BorderPay provides global payments in approximately 100 currencies across a variety of localized payment methods, all with no fraud or foreign exchange risk. Together, BorderShip and BorderPay combine to provide buyers with a just-like-home experience while retailers enjoy a seamless integration into their existing website with no material changes to their UX or logistics processes.

BorderJump is particularly appealing to retailers who focus a lot of energy on customer experience.

“That’s because once our services are integrated, the visibility of the BorderJump brand is virtually non-existent,” says Jay Heavilon, BorderJump’s president. “Our solutions are built with the retailer’s user experience goals in mind, rather than the promotion of BorderJump to global buyers.”

The Demandware LINK Technology Partner Program provides Demandware clients with a rich of set of pre-built integrations to cutting-edge commerce technologies and applications that can unlock revenue-generating opportunities and enhance the brand experience. By reducing the cost and complexity of integrations, Demandware LINK allows retailers to adopt innovative third party technologies quickly and cost-effectively, allowing them to accelerate time to market and realize a faster return on their investment.

According to Heavilon, “Demandware is a world-class e-Commerce platform and we are excited to offer our services to their clients though the LINK program. International expansion is among the top three priorities for most retailers and our new LINK Cartridge provides an easier path to take advantage of the world of opportunities that exist.”

About BorderJump

BorderJump is an established international e-Commerce technology company that provides US retailers with an easy way to sell to international consumers in more than 90 countries around the world. The company’s platform seamlessly integrates into retailer websites to enable a range of duty calculation, shipping, logistics and payment services. BorderJump works closely with its retail clients to plan and execute marketing and demand-generating strategies that drive traffic and conversions. For more information, visit www.borderjump.com or email info@borderjump.com.

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