June 24, 2013, 9:24 AM

Darby Smart Raises Capital

Darby Smart works with both leading and up-and-coming designers on Pinterest and across the Web, to bring their creative accessories, fashion and home décor projects to the masses.

SAN FRANCISCO – June 18, 2013 – Darby Smart (www.darbysmart.com), the company that brings Pinterest’s do-it-yourself inspiration to life, today launched a service which allows consumers to easily recreate the most viral DIY projects on the Internet through pre-packaged Kits.

Darby Smart works with both leading and up-and-coming designers on Pinterest and across the Web, to bring their creative accessories, fashion and home décor projects to the masses, packaging Kits with all materials and instructions necessary to successfully complete the project at hand. Designers receive full credit for their brilliant creations and a percentage of Darby Smart Kit sales allowing them to build their personal brand and monetize their designs.

“We created Darby Smart to transform the inspiration driven by Pinterest online into an engaging offline consumer experience, and to help the talented designers of these projects build up their brands and recognition,” said Nicole Farb, Co-Founder, Darby Smart. “Darby Smart allows creative influencers to turn their DIY ideas into kits without taking on the additional operational burden that comes with the process; we help designers grow and scale their business, while providing consumers with a better way to DIY.”

Each Kit ranges in price from $24-$44 (including shipping and all materials), with new projects launching every three days. The Darby Smart team works closely with the project designers to test and identify the best possible materials for DIYers to create quality, lasting products.  Then, Darby Smart handles the rest – from sourcing and purchasing the materials, to packaging the Kits and delivering a truly delightful experience to customers. Designers recognized and rewarded for their talent, receive a percentage of the Kit sales and their brilliant ideas are promoted via social media and other online channels.

The company also announced $1 Million in Seed Funding from a number strategic angel investors and advisors, including Forerunner Ventures, Novel TMT, Vivi Nevo, Dave Gilboa, and Maveron, among others.

Investment banker turned DIY start-up maven Nicole Farb left her role as Vice President and Head of Emerging Private Companies Group at Goldman Sachs and partnered with Karl Mendes, Senior Software Engineer from Eventbrite, to found Darby Smart. During her time in the investment banking world, Nicole had the opportunity to meet, interact with and invest in some of the leading consumer internet entrepreneurs and subsequently build her passion for crafting and helping others into a business with Darby Smart. Karl’s time at Eventbrite provided him with a well-rounded knowledge of marketplaces, which he applies to the Darby Smart platform.

For more information and to order a Kit, please visit: www.darbysmart.com.

About Darby Smart

Launched in June 2013, Darby Smart works with designers on Pinterest and across the Web to create and launch do-it-yourself project Kits, bringing online DIY inspiration to life. Based in San Francisco, Co-Founders Nicole Farb and Karl Mendes created an entirely new type of retail marketplace that gives craft enthusiasts the opportunity to create affordable and achievable craft projects, while simultaneously supporting up-and-coming designers. The company has raised $1 Million in seed funding, from strategic investors and advisors including Forerunner Ventures, Novel TMT, Dave Gilboa and Vivi Nevo, among others. To learn more, visit www.darbysmart.com.

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