April 24, 2013, 9:15 AM

Salesforce.com Delivers Salesforce Social.com

Brands and agencies will be able to power social ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter using real-time customer and social listening data.

SAN FRANCISCO—April 23, 2013—Salesforce.com [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing company, today delivered Salesforce Social.comTM, transforming advertising with the world’s first social advertising application that connects social ads with CRM and social listening. For the first time, brands and agencies will be able to power social ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter using real-time customer and social listening data, allowing them to reach customers in entirely new ways and maximize return on advertising dollars. Social.com is part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the #1 social marketing solution for transforming how customer companies market in the social and mobile era. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud now includes the #1 social listening application, Salesforce Radian6, the #1 publishing application, Salesforce Buddy Media, and the #1 social advertising application, Social.com.

Comments on the News
• “Today salesforce.com is doubling down on social ads,” said Michael Lazerow, CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, salesforce.com. “Social ads cannot be disconnected from your business. By bringing together Social.com with the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce CRM, and the world’s #1 social listening application, Radian6, we’ve made it possible for marketers to connect social advertising with their customer data and real-time trends to maximize return from their advertising dollars.”
• “Social media has achieved a recognizable level of credibility in the marketing world and if brands don't have it in their marketing mix, they are missing a huge touch point with potential customers," said Jonathan Nelson, CEO, Omnicom Digital. “Smart marketers are buying media in real-time and working with the latest tools to ensure they are delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right person, which is even more imperative in the connected, social world."
• "After an internal audit of more than 40 technology solutions, Social.com came up head and shoulders above the competition,” said Adrien Robert, global partner, Mindshare. “Social.com provides an innovative, process focused, self-service online application that helps Mindshare bring adaptive marketing to life for our clients."
• “With people spending more time on social networks than ever before, leading marketers are seeking to effectively leverage paid social campaigns,” said Mary Wardley, program vice president of CRM Applications, IDC. “To successfully run social ad campaigns, marketers need scale, but they also need to make sure social advertising is connected to listening and engagement. Powerful applications like Salesforce Social.com help provide this crucial scale and innovation."

Salesforce Social.com: Create, Optimize and Automate Social Ads
Social advertising is a huge opportunity for marketers with spend more than doubling from $4.7 billion in 2012 to $11 billion in 2017, according to BIA Kelsey. And 64 percent of advertisers expect to increase their spend on social advertising in 2013, according to Nielsen. The reason: social advertising has created an opportunity to reach a huge number of consumers along with a completely unprecedented opportunity for targeting. With social media now being the number one online consumer activity worldwide, brands not only have enormous global reach, but also the ability to target ads based on social profiles, likes, interests, activities and even locations by mobile device.

Social.com empowers brands to seamlessly create, optimize and automate social ad campaigns. Unlike other social advertising solutions that primarily offer an outsourced service, Social.com is an easy to use, self-serve application for agencies, brands and other advertisers. With Social.com, brands and agencies can:

• Create powerful social and mobile ad campaigns: Build, test and launch social ad campaigns at scale, reaching consumers on any device. Marketers can execute more effective social ad campaigns by testing all of the available targeting, creative and placement combinations, to drive highly localized and relevant ads. They can also leverage Facebook and Twitter data to identify the best content for advertising.
• Optimize social ad campaigns: Track and analyze metrics over time with live campaign monitoring as well as receive immediate feedback on social ad performance around particular goals. Define goals and Social.com does the optimization automatically.
• Automate social ad campaigns: Adjust ad spend automatically and intelligently. Automate how ad spending is allocated during campaigns by defining rules to make real-time optimization decisions across all ads and campaigns.

Breakthrough Innovations for Social Advertising: Connecting Brands and Agencies to Real-Time Customer and Social Listening Data
Building on the success of Social.com, salesforce.com will deliver new breakthrough innovations that take targeting social ads to the next level. By empowering both brands and agencies to connect social ad campaigns with real-time customer and social listening data, campaigns can be more relevant and effective than ever before possible, maximizing return on advertising dollars. For the first time ever, Social.com customers will be able to:

• Power social ad campaigns with real-time customer data from the #1 CRM app, Salesforce CRM—Marketers will be able to connect offline and online purchase data, customer loyalty data, as well as data from contests, sweepstakes, whitepaper downloads and other conversion pages directly to their social ad campaigns in real-time. By uniting customer data from Salesforce CRM with Social.com, agencies and brands will be able to target an ever-changing audience with evolving messaging and ads. This transforms the way brands advertise—providing direct connections to current and potential customers.
• Power social ad campaigns with real-time data from the #1 social listening app, Radian6—With Social.com, marketers will be able to connect their social ad campaigns to Radian6, the #1 social listening application, tapping into real-time conversations from more than 500 million sources including the Twitter Firehose of 400 million tweets per day. Previously, marketers had no way to connect their social ad campaigns to the real-time conversations happening on social networks. Now, they will be able to easily view conversations around their brand, related topics and trends within Social.com to buy and deliver ads in the moment.

Social.com: The Social Advertising Application of Choice for the World’s Leading Advertisers
Today, global leaders including Ford, GroupM and Resolution Media have managed more than 500,000 social ad campaigns and one trillion impressions with Social.com. The campaigns have been run by marketers in 45 countries, targeting consumers in nearly 200 countries. In March 2013, Social.com served more than 2.5 billion impressions per day.

Together, Radian6, Buddy Media and Social.com form Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the #1 social marketing solution for transforming how customer companies market in the social and mobile era. Today, 55 of the Fortune 100 and eight of the top ten global advertisers are Marketing Cloud customers.

Pricing and Availability
• Social.com is generally available today.
• Social.com real-time customer data is currently scheduled to be generally available by Summer ‘13.
• Social.com real-time listening is currently scheduled to be generally available by Summer ‘13.
• Social.com pricing is currently based on a percentage of total social ad spend made via the application.

Additional Resources
• Read more details on the news at: http://blogs.salesforce.com/company/2013/04/social-ads-crm-listening.html
• Check out the demo of Social.com at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=P8XKdqoNzdE
• Follow @socialdotcom, @marketingcloud and @salesforce on Twitter
• Register now at www.salesforce.com/live to watch the keynote on Salesforce Live and follow @salesforce on Twitter and use #salesforceLIVE to join event conversation

About salesforce.com
Founded in 1999, salesforce.com is the enterprise cloud computing leader. Salesforce.com’s social and mobile cloud technologies enable companies to transform into customer companies by connecting with their customers, employees, partners and products in entirely new ways. Based on salesforce.com's real-time, multitenant architecture, the company's apps and platform revolutionize the way companies sell, service, market and innovate.
• Grow your business with the #1 sales app, Salesforce Sales Cloud
• Deliver amazing customer service with the #1 service app, Salesforce Service Cloud
• Listen, publish and advertise with the #1 social marketing app, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
• Build and deliver social and mobile apps with the Salesforce Platform, and extend success with the world’s leading enterprise app marketplace, the AppExchange
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