April 3, 2013, 12:25 PM

Loyalty requires satisfaction with all channels

Excellent mobile site shopping doesn’t guarantee a repeat visit, Prosper says.

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69.2% of the chain retailer's mobile shoppers rate their overall experience as either good or excellent.

“Omnichannel” is the latest retail buzzword, signifying merchants’ attempts to satisfy consumers however they choose to shop. Customers are coming at merchants from all sides in today’s mobile-fueled world and retailers have to be prepared to meet customers’ needs anytime, anywhere.

A close examination of customer satisfaction with mobile commerce reveals how the increasingly typical shopper who shops in stores and via PCs and mobile devices draws conclusions based on more than one channel, says research firm Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Among mobile users, more than a quarter have used their mobile device to shop at Walmart.com (28.9%) and Target Corp. (27.7%) and just over one in five (22%) have shopped Best Buy, according to Prosper. All three receive positive reviews regarding the mobile shopping experience. 83.4% of mobile users who’ve shopped Target’s mobile site rate their overall experience as either good or excellent, Prosper finds. 71.9% of those who’ve shopped Walmart.com and 69.2% of Best Buy mobile shoppers say the same.

However, Prosper took the analysis a step further and applied the Net Promoter Score from research firm Satmetrix Systems Inc. to see if mobile shoppers were likely to recommend the respective sites to a friend or colleague. By employing this methodology, one can evaluate the strength of the retailer’s mobile site as well as loyalty to that particular site, Prosper says.

Of Walmart.com’s mobile commerce site shoppers, 24.9% are promoters, 30.5% are neutral and 44.7% are detractors, giving Walmart.com a -19.8% Net Promoter Score, which is the difference between promoters and detractors.

Among Best Buy m-commerce site shoppers, 26.5% were promoters, 46.0% are neutral and 27.5% are detractors, giving Best Buy a -1.0% Net Promoter Score.

Among the three chain retailers, Target was the only one to come out in positive territory with the Net Promoter Score. Of Target m-commerce site shoppers, 39.3% are promoters, 32.8% are neutral and 28.0% are detractors, giving Target a +11.3% Net Promoter Score.

“These findings suggest that a satisfactory mobile experience in itself doesn’t necessarily lead to retailer advocacy,” says Pam Goodfellow, an analyst at Prosper Mobile Insights. “As mobile continues to grow, omnichannel retailers are increasingly challenged with converting their shoppers into buyers—and winning a repeat visit. Delightful experiences, consistent messaging, and excellent service delivered through all channels are paramount when building this sought-after, loyal customer base.”

These results stem from the “February Mobile Survey” conducted by Prosper Mobile Insights of 341 mobile device users.

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