February 27, 2013, 9:49 AM

Smarter Remarketer Announces its New Big Data Platform

Its SR2 Big Data platform allows retailers to engage individual web site visitors in real-time based on up to several years worth of behavioral data.

INDIANAPOLIS -Smarter Remarketer, the marketing automation and intelligence engine that enables retailers to create highly advanced, precisely targeted online customer interactions through automated, multi-channel marketing campaigns, today announced its SR2 Big Data platform, which allows retailers to engage individual website visitors in real-time based on up to several years worth of behavioral data. This includes previous purchase and browse activity, brand engagement, cross-session marketing touches and data from multiple sources.

One of the core enhancements enabled by the SR2 platform is Smarter Onsite. By analyzing terabytes of customer data, Smarter Onsite dynamically populates retail websites with personalized layouts and messaging in real-time based on customer behavior, preferences and intent. The result is a retail website that truly understands and adapts to both who is visiting the website and what experiences they are having.

“The challenge has always been that retailers use various tools that each have a different understanding of who a customer is – from onsite messaging, to email, to display ad and even print," said Angel Morales, founder and chief innovation officer of Smarter Remarketer. “SR2 unites massive customer data with models that answer retail’s hardest questions to create what we call a One Truth definition of who a visitor is at any time, empowering retailers to engage with customers uniformly across any digital channel.”

SR2 also features Smarter Remarketer’s new segmentation engine. The segmentation engine is able to extend not simply to collected data, but modeled data, including visitor quality scores, channel engagement and predicted purchase dates. The new segmentation engine displays real-time counts and refinement criteria in Smarter Remarketer’s drag-and-drop segment builder, revealing the number of impacted visitors and email subscribers.

“Our success with Smarter Remarketer has been primarily through email based behavioral marketing programs delivered through Experian CheetahMail,” said Jay Custard, vice president of digital marketing for Finish Line. “With SR2, we will be able to create one flowing stream of dialogue with each individual customer that extends well beyond email. We will have more continuity in messaging and promotions than ever before.”

With a detailed understanding of how targeted content impacts not just conversion, but website engagement, Smarter Remarketer customers are empowered to test, tune and target website content based on their unique business objectives.

“SR2 is not only the product of more than $3 million in research and development; it was built to address industry demand for a solution that could solve the biggest problem facing retailers—how to bring the sophistication of email segmentation out of the inbox and extend it across websites, mobile sites, and mobile applications,” said Howard Bates, CEO of Smarter Remarketer. “For Smarter Remarketer and our customers, 2013 will be the year that Big Data moves from being a concept, to a reality that drives real, measurable return on investment.”

The launch of SR2 comes during eTail West, with Onsite launching in limited beta release this spring. During eTail, qualifying retailers can get a VIP preview of SR2 and Smarter Onsite by stopping by the Smarter Remarketer booth 413/415.

About Smarter Remarketer
Smarter Remarketer provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) email marketing automation and analysis suite that allows multi-channel retailers to bolster customer lifetime value by creating relevant and effective customer experiences. Leveraging powerful behavioral, transactional and demographic data combined with sophisticated machine learning, Smarter Remarketer helps retailers engage and reengage visitors through more targeted cross-channel messaging via email and other media. The value provided to retailers is focused on driving incremental revenue and return on customer and marketing spend optimization. This allows them to sell more products and attract and retain more customers, more frequently, at a lower over-all cost. Smarter Remarketer powers marketing automation and analysis for top 1,000 online retailers. Learn more at SmarterRemarketer.com

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