January 30, 2013, 9:44 AM

SignatureLink Releases Online Identity Authentication Technology

SignatureLink, an innovative cyber security tech company based in Mississippi, works to eliminate cybershoplifting and e-commerce payment fraud.

RIDGELAND, Miss., Jan. 29, 2013  -- SignatureLink, Inc. has released SecureBuy� 2.0, an online identity authentication solution that eradicates payment fraud and shifts financial risk from online merchants to issuing banks, reducing the cost of online and mobile payments.

SignatureLink, an innovative cyber security tech company based in Mississippi, works tirelessly to eliminate cybershoplifting and eCommerce payment fraud. Moving beyond transaction authentication to identity authentication, the SecureBuy 2.0 application suite addresses online payment fraud end to end - from screening out fraudsters to providing indisputable proof of purchase - all powered by patented second-generation technology.

Responding to White House Policy for an Identity Ecosystem

In its National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), the White House charts a course for public and private sector collaboration to raise the level of trust for online transactions. By developing technology that automatically authenticates online identities, SignatureLink is fulfilling the White House's call for private-sector innovation that makes identity solutions available to the Federal Government and the entire Identity Ecosystem.

"The Federal Government has stated that the Identity Ecosystem will rely on products like those we create at SignatureLink to create an environment of trust for all involved with eCommerce," explained James Packer, Esq., SignatureLink Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Counsel.

Behind-the-Scenes Risk-Based Authentication

Current active authentication forces customers to input personal information before completing a transaction - annoying customers and increasing shopping cart abandonment. Signature Link's SecureBuy 2.0 employs risk-based authentication that works behind the scenes to instantly analyze site visitors. Only when a red flag pops up - say for country of origin or identity cloaking - is active authentication invoked. At the end of every transaction, SecureBuy 2.0 delivers a legally binding, signed and certified sales receipt to both merchant and customer.

"By taking a snapshot of the screen when a consumer accepts a merchant's terms and conditions, SecureBuy 2.0 provides the evidence for all parties to prove what was offered and accepted at the time of purchase," added Packer. "The NSTIC emphasizes protecting merchants and consumers equally, and SecureBuy 2.0 does just that."

Multiple Benefits for Online Merchants

By automating merchants' fraud screening process, SecureBuy 2.0 significantly reduces the manpower needed for manual review of suspicious transactions and brings shopping carts into compliance with all current regulatory requirements. In addition, when a merchant uses SecureBuy 2.0 and the consumer's issuing bank participates, liability shifts from the merchant to the bank - and merchants receive an interchange discount.

About SignatureLink, Inc.

Founded in 2002, SignatureLink, Inc. is the eCommerce stabilizer. The company debuted its patented, electronic handwritten signature technology - the online signature pad - in 2005. Since then, SignatureLink has diligently developed products that help online retailers successfully fight Cybershoplifting(TM) and other forms of eCommerce fraud to lower the cost of payment acceptance and increase profits. SignatureLink is led by eCommerce pioneer and payment acceptance evangelist Greg Wooten, a seasoned executive in the emerging technology and financial services industries and an expert on eCommerce fraud and Cybershoplifting.

Visit www.signaturelink.com for more information.

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