January 29, 2013, 9:33 AM

Pikaba Announces E-mail and SMS Notification of Incoming Leads

Small local business owners and big wholesale companies know that being in front of the right buyer at the right time is vital to success.

January, 2013 - Pikaba social commerce platform announces the launch of Email and SMS Notification of Incoming Leads designed to allow merchants more efficient way of selling based on immediate awareness of what and where buyers are looking for.

Finding a customer for your product or service is a problem that challenges any business. Small local business owners and big wholesale companies know that being in front of the right buyer at the right time is vital to success. Most ecommerce platforms offer users a place to list their products and services, let buyers collect information about available merchandises and initiate the deal. But that is not always enough for successful online merchandising.

“Those merchants who care to build up their business have to be flexible and able to react fast. If you're not flexible and willing to make changes, you're in the wrong business now," said Lauren Freedman, president, The E-tailing Group. "Executives must be constantly adapting to changing rules of engagement because the customer is totally in control of the shopping experience.

Pikaba social commerce platform was designed with that idea in mind. It helps merchants catch customers’ desire and interest in products and react immediately offering buyers exactly what they are looking for.

Shoppers come to Pikaba to showcase their shopping needs and post “I-Want-To-Buy” requests. In the meantime, merchants get much more than space to display products and services online. They do not have to wait for a shopper to come and buy. With the help of product-request matching tool merchants can know who and where is interested in the product they offer. Besides, Pikaba’s constantly updated leads generating tool informs merchants about the latest buyers’ requests and allows submitting quotes directly to buyers who do demonstrate interest in a particular product.

Originally getting new leads required merchants’ online presence at Pikaba which was not always possible. We have solved the problem by launching the Email and SMS Notification of Incoming Leads. Since now, merchants can track buyers’ performance and get notified of incoming leads in real time. Every time a buyer posts “I-Want-To-Buy” request that matches merchant’s product specification an email or SMS will be send to the merchant informing about the potential deal and giving more opportunities to make a sale.

Currently the option to receive email and SMS notifications is available only with Pikaba MerchantPro and MerchantMax plans. Merchants can enable/disable the options by changing their Pikaba profile settings.

About Pikaba

Pikaba.com was launched in 2008 by serial entrepreneurs and ex-Microsofties as a social shopping platform with reverse auction model that provides more power to consumers and real-time leads to merchants. In 2008 Pikaba won Mashable’s Open Web Awards in the “Social Shopping” category. In October 2011, Pikaba made it to the finals of x.Commerce Conference. In December 2012 Pikaba Ranks #120 on the GeekWire 200 Startup List. Visit the Official Pikaba Blog for more information http://blog.pikaba.com/category/pikaba-platform/ .


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