January 28, 2013, 10:52 AM

Live2Support.com releases a live chat app for Android devices

This enterprise ready app is built with focus to empower businesses with flexibility of engaging and serving their website visitor right from Android devices.

Live2Support.com Inc., a leader in Live Chat solutions, announced an interactive Live Chat application for Android mobile and tablets, further expanding its portfolio of Live Chat solutions. This enterprise ready app is built with focus to empower businesses with flexibility of engaging and serving their website visitor right from Android devices. As Android is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for consumers, this power packed and feature rich application now provides businesses stay connected with existing customers and prospects, more easily and seamlessly 

Perfect for every type of business:

With its plethora of enterprise ready features, this live chat enables businesses in providing great customer experience. The application is suitable for all types of enterprises and its quick to access and a dedicated interface with popular features like Real Time monitoring of website visitors, ability to manage multiple chats simultaneously will further enhance organizations’ capability in tapping new opportunities through smart phones.

Device friendly and User friendly with Enhanced UI:

The application has been developed with a deep focus on providing maximum comfort to customers and businesses for seamless conversation. With its exciting features and unmatched simplicity, users will able to stay in touch with great ease.

Serve Customers Anywhere:

This Live chat app for Android mobiles and tablets does a lot. Having a range of features on Live Chat makes sense, but the company has also introduced some other exciting features specific to Android platform to ensure better customer experience. As the company already offers Live Chat solutions for desktops, thus, the customers can now be directly served from Window PC, Linux or Mac, iPhone and now on Android devices, too.

Some of the salient features of this application include:

1. User friendly Enhanced User Interface.

2. Google cloud Messaging.

3. Canned Responses.

4. Operator to operator chat transfer Option.

5. Control Panel and Chat Transcript Options 6. Operator Status Option.

7. Multiple Language Options.

8. Multi-theme Options.

9. Sound Setting Options.

From last couple of years, the market share of Android devices has been on the rise. The majority leader Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) is at 54.2% and Android 4+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) is at 25.8%. In addition, Google has also released Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). This Android-device-specific app is designed keeping these factors in mind so that it will keep empowering enterprises to exceed in mobile experience in future as well. In fact, more than 190 million users worldwide rely on Android OS, thus there's no doubt in the minds of marketers that it's an exciting time to succeed in mobile space now.

Live2Support makes available one of the most reliable live chat solutions in the industry to empower enterprises with real-time communication with their customers. Live2Support makes easy to quickly integrate live chat facility into third party applications. The company’s product suite is subscription-based and does not demand a technical expertise to use. Live2Support’s Live Chat solution has been deployed across the world in many industry verticals such as manufacturing, travel and hospitality, education, retails, insurance, online shopping, industrial design to name a few.

About Live2Support:

Live2Support Inc. was founded in 2003 to provide online customer engagement solutions to organizations around the world with an Internet presence. The company's live help software has been developed to address the needs of multiple segments of various online communities and e-commerce enterprises including banking, insurance, education, shopping, counseling and others by acting as a two-way communication conduit between site visitors and online enterprises. Advanced-level customization capabilities facilitate the use of the corporate logo, signage, fonts, colors and the strategic positioning of the chat window on web pages thus enabling businesses to give a personalized look and feel to live chat interactions with customers. The live chat software's flexibility and versatility allows companies to tailor independent and separate chat windows for departments such as sales, product promotions, technical support, billing and customer service departments. Live2Support's live suppo  rt application generates detailed chat transcripts. This enables companies to use these transcripts to conduct market research, develop customer profiles, train chat operators and evaluate chat operator performance. Visit www.Live2Support.com for a 15-day risk free no obligation trial.

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