December 18, 2012, 9:26 AM

Lexity Leaves Analytics Behind

Lexity Live adds new Actionable Insights, ROI Dashboard and Store History features that make traditional analytics software obsolete.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, December 17, 2012 – Lexity, the App Platform for Ecommerce, today launched new Actionable Insights in its flagship Lexity Live product. Lexity Live, available for free, enables merchants to monitor their online stores in real time. Merchants can see what products visitors are looking at and placing in their shopping cart, similar to standing at a cash register in a bricks and mortar store. Today, Lexity Live adds new Actionable Insights, ROI Dashboard and Store History features that make traditional analytics software obsolete.

Traditional analytics tools force businesses to spend time collecting and analyzing data and then provide little guidance on how to act on the data. Lexity removes this burden with Lexity Live, coupled with its set of simple, effective, and affordable apps.

Live Actionable Insights provide deeper understanding of an online merchant’s store data and then suggest specific actions to help the merchant sell more. For example:

  • Your visitors are browsing and not buying. Use Lexity’s Quick Chat app to chat with them to make the sale.
  • Your products are not showing up on Google. Use Lexity’s Google Shopping     app to automate your advertising on Google.
  • Your returning visitors buy more than new visitors.  Bring visitors back to your website with targeted ads through Lexity’s Retargeting app.


Live ROI Dashboard enables merchants to instantly compare results of their marketing across multiple channels. Merchants can compare traffic and revenue generated from Amazon, Google, Facebook,  Pinterest, Twitter and other sources. Merchants can then immediately adjust their media spend on specific channels based on which ones are generating revenue.

Live Store History shows merchants their traffic and revenue over time, their top customers by sales and geographical location, and their store’s growth and seasonality. Armed with this data, merchants can decide to act, e.g., run promotions or loyalty programs for specific customers at specific times.

“Our merchants love Lexity Live, and wanted a way to act on what they were learning. Lexity Live, now with Actionable Insights, ROI Dashboard and Store History, leapfrogs all other ecommerce analytics services, big or small” said Lexity Founder & CEO, Amit Kumar. “And the price is hard to beat - it’s 100% free!”

Lexity Live is free, and available now at for all Ecommerce platforms.

About Lexity

Lexity is the developer of the App Platform for Ecommerce and helps online merchants drive sales through its innovative marketing apps. Founded in 2009, Lexity is backed by Spark Capital, True Ventures and 500 Startups. Lexity is headquartered in Mountain View, and has a presence in Bangalore, India. For more information, visit, Twitter (@lxty), and Facebook (

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