November 6, 2012, 11:25 AM

New Apple Configurator and iOS 6 features now available in MokiManage

The new features allow retailers to prepare and deploy iPad kiosks at-scale with additional remote management capabilities through MokiManage.

We are pleased to announce new support for Apple Configurator and iOS 6 with our latest rollout to MokiManage. With the new features you can more easily prepare and deploy iPad kiosks at-scale with additional remote management capabilities through MokiManage.

Apple Configurator is a free app that makes it easy to prepare multiple iPads and get them ready for deployments as kiosks. Configurator helps with the first step in a kiosk deployment, preparation and app install, but you still need to be able to remotely manage the kiosks after deployment. MokiManage and MokiTouch complement Apple Configurator by providing users with the features to update, manage and remotely configure kiosks after deployment.

App Lock is a new feature available in iOS 6 only on devices that have been deployed using Apple Configurator. Using App Lock, any iPad can be locked into running only a single app. The value of this feature is obvious for kiosk deployments, but only with MokiManage can you apply and remove the App Lock profile without plugging the tablet into a computer, over-the-air. Check out our recent iPad mini unboxing video to see exactly what it takes to go from box to kiosk in just a few steps.

Now for the specifics of this release:

New MokiMobility features leveraging iOS 6 and Apple Configurator

  • Set the iPad wallpaper for the lock screen, home screen or both
  • Disable Shared Photo Stream
  • Disable Passbook from appearing on the screen when the device is locked
  • Schedule automatic profile removal for a certain date or after a given period of time
  • Disable iMessage, Game Center and Bookstore
  • Prevent installation of certificates or unmanaged configuration profiles
  • Lock down devices to one app with App Lock
  • Force all device network traffic through a global HTTP proxy

Prepare Devices with Apple Configurator

  • Prepare a single configuration to quickly mass configure devices
  • Install the MokiManage MDM profile as part of the iPad configuration and silently enroll the iPad with MokiManage
  • Re-configure supervised devices after each use by reconnecting them to Configurator
  • Distribute paid and free apps from the App Store without entering an Apple ID

A couple of important things to note about using Apple Configurator:

1. iPads that have been prepared with Configurator can only be connected to the same Mac as did the initial deployment. If you connect to Configurator or iTunes on a different Mac you cannot do anything with the iPad. This is another reason to have remote management using MokiManage. If the original Configurator Mac is not available, you can initiate a factory reset over-the-air using MokiManage and then connect the iPad to the new Mac to reconfigure it.

2. iPads that have been put into supervisor mode can only install apps through Configurator. This is the biggest drawback to using Configurator, because it means you have to connect the iPad to the computer to update any app, it cannot be initiated through MDM.

Configurator is not right for every deployment, but for many it will make deploying large numbers of iPads much easier. Tell us about your deployment and we will let you know how MokiManage and Apple Configurator can help.

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