October 24, 2012, 9:27 AM

Bizinate.com Announces Daily Deals Program

The new feature is easy to use and provides a growing list of products that are available for sale.

LOS ANGELES (October 24, 2012) – Bizinate, the easiest place to launch a start-up and business for America’s entrepreneurial public for free, announced today a new feature titled “Sell This!” that will enable users to add nationally known products to any Bizinate users own sites.  The “Sell This!” daily deals will feature handpicked, name-brand, and sometimes hard to find products, which are available to be added to a user’s company at a discounted rate, sometimes up to 80 percent  off the retail price.

Assembled by the Bizinate team as a way to increase inventory to a user’s business, the new feature is easy to use and provides a growing list of products that are available for sale.  Just by adding these products to a company site, users are given a reason to reach out to people they know to market their growing list of products.  This will drive sales to a user’s own products and services too while giving them an opportunity to earn a commission on any products they do sell to their customers.

“Bizinate.com’s new daily deals in the ‘Sell This!’ feature is a great way to beef up inventory and really help a user create a great marketplace all just by adding products they like and believe their customers and friends will want as well,” said Bizinate CEO, Rudy DeFelice.  “We are dedicated to our user’s success and found this new feature any easy way for them to grow their own brand and business as well as an opportunity to earn a commission.”

By increasing the options for customers, DeFelice knows this will help users increase sales.  Users of the Bizinate service just need to login and view and pick what products they want to add to their inventory and then they have the ability to sell great products at special deals.

Based in Los Angeles, Bizinate’s mission is to launch a million new startups.  Bizinate.com is the easiest place anywhere for new entrepreneurs to start and run a business.

For more information, visit www.bizinate.com.

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