July 19, 2012, 9:26 AM

PivotLink Delivers SaaS App for Segmentation-Challenged Internet Retailers

Customer PerformanceMETRIX improves customer lifetime value by linking all phases of the marketing automation lifecycle – from advanced segmentation and scoring to campaign management and ROI analysis.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 18, 2012 – PivotLink, the leading provider of retail performance management solutions delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS), today announced the availability of PivotLink Customer PerformanceMETRIX 2.0, an application that gives retailers a deeper understanding of customer preferences and buying behavior. Customer PerformanceMETRIX improves customer lifetime value by linking all phases of the marketing automation lifecycle – from advanced segmentation and scoring to campaign management and ROI analysis.

Retailers are increasing their focus on customer segmentation to create customer-centric marketing initiatives and drive sales, according to the National Retail Foundation’s (NRF) “Retail Horizons Report.” NRF says as many as 95 percent of retailers now engage in some form of customer segmentation, up from 66 percent in 2007.[1]

Making it simpler to provide analytics and metrics to all who need them is important to 91 percent of retailers, according to the Ventana Research “Benchmark Research: Business Analytics in Retail.”[2]

Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer, Ventana Research, added, “In the move to customer-centricity, retailers need the ability to keep up with the rapid pace of multichannel customer interactions and behaviors to quickly ascertain the performance of offers relating to consumer segments. PivotLink is helping to address this need through its retail analytics solution designed to be intuitive and interactive in how information can be used to take action and make decisions to increase the outcomes of marketing and sales.”

“Our customer validation has confirmed there’s a real need to improve marketing optimization by eliminating customer information silos,” said Joe Dalton, chief marketing officer, PivotLink. “For many retailers, their segmentation efforts are limited due the difficulties in making sense of the information and engaging customers effectively.”


•    Actionable customer insights: Quickly identify customer segments that will increase marketing and sales effectiveness.
•    Integration with leading marketing automation systems: Use defined customer segments to execute campaigns through marketing automation solutions such as Responsys Interact or ExactTarget.
•    Self-service analytics: Intuitive dashboards guide marketing and sales managers and analysts to segment based on any customer attribute without IT or analytical expertise.
•    Multi-level visibility: Automatically segment customers using PivotLink’s four built-in segmentation methods (Count, Equal Revenue, Recency-Frequency-Monetization score and Purchase Loyalty), then drill down into specific segments and filter on specific data attributes to create fine-grained segments.
•    Harness big data: Augment your customer segmentation analysis with PivotLink’s third-party data sources, including: demographics, purchasing behavior, spend profile and other consumer information.
•    Go mobile: Run your customer analytics on mobile tablets without special application downloads using its HTML5-based user interface.
•    In-depth analysis: Use customer segment definitions in PivotLink RetailMetrixTM to improve the analysis of transactional data, determine the effectiveness of marketing/sales tactics, and assess areas for refining or creating additional segmentations in Customer PerformanceMETRIX.

“Today’s marketers have the opportunity to be incredibly smart about how they engage with their prospects and customers across the digital channels,” said Scott Olrich, chief marketing and sales officer at Responsys. “Our partnership with PivotLink helps our clients achieve a truly holistic view of the customer, enabling them to orchestrate highly sophisticated, cross-channel marketing programs that drive engagement, ROI and lifetime value.”

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