July 10, 2012, 12:14 PM

Volusion suffers another power outage

Retailers that use its e-commerce platform say their sites went down Monday.

Paul Demery

Managing Editor, B2B E-commerce

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Retail web sites running on the Volusion e-commerce platform, as well as the corporate site of Volusion Inc., went off-line Monday because of a power disruption in the company’s data center, Volusion says.

Volusion serves mostly smaller retailers, including 11 merchants in the Internet Retailer Second 500 Guide and two in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

The Volusion outage follows a problem with its shopping cart technology reported this spring which left many of its e-retailer clients unable to process credit card orders. The most recent outage led to irate comments posted online by many of Volusion’s client retailers, including dozens of comments on Volusion’s Facebook page. “I’m currently dealing with confused customers worried about whether they have just ordered from a dodgy web site,” one retailer identified as Glenda Watts posted on Volusion’s Facebook page today.

Others complained that Volusion had deleted many online comments critical of the company’s service.

Sayeh Pezeshki, founder and CEO of SortingWithStyle.com, No.827 in the Internet Retailer Second 500 Guide, said her site’s outage yesterday was one of several problems she has experienced with the vendor. “We’ve been unhappy with several items regarding the Volusion platform,” she says. “Other items include customer service wait times on the phone have been outrageously long, and the bandwidth overage charges we have received have been outrageously high.”

Volusion did not immediately return a call for comment.

On its web site, Volusion reported today that a power outage occurred last night in its data center when “both primary and secondary breakers failed. This prevented the redundant generators from restoring power.”

The company added that its entire information technology team worked to restore power. “We can report that all systems are operating normally,” Volusion said today at status.Volusion.com. The vendor added that it was “awaiting further investigation by the power company to determine if there are any other power concerns.”

The largest Volusion client listed in the Top 500 is Orchard Brands Corp., which Internet Retailer estimates had over $200 million in 2011 web sales on several web sites including Blair.com and NormThompson.com. Orchard Brands declined to comment on Volusion.

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  • Finally! The truth is comiung out about Volusion! It's bad enough when mistakes are made, but then to cover up critical comments. Clearly Volusioin is on the ropes.

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  • Used to be a big Volusion fan but last year decided to switch to MagentoGo (similar SAS hosted solution) which I have been very happy with.

  • Notice the headline reads "ANOTHER" power outage". This is a regular thing with Volusion. Volusion has been having major issues for several years now. Ever since they pulled all the websites off Rackspace and began hosting our sites themselves. They have refused to acknowledge issues. They have banned users who have complained from the forums. They have removed posting privileges from complaining users from their FB page. They have spent so much time and money hiding their issues from the public but they can no longer hide them. I told them 2 years ago that at some point, their angry users were going to start complaining outside of their forums and FB page and Volusion would not be able to moderate those comments. That is happening now. BTW I was banned from the forums and their FB page for saying that. They recently removed every single post on their forums - both good and bad - everything is gone, and started all over from scratch because of all the complaining their customers were doing. Do yourself a favor. Avoid Volusion at all costs. Its not worth the headaches. You will not be happy. Plenty of other cart solutions out there - 3D Cart, Core Commerce, Big Commerce just to name a few. Just do some searches on the internet and you will see this is a company is serious trouble. Even their employees are on the internet complaining about the company. And go watch all the videos they put out about how "fun" it is to work for them. Clearly shows how immature this company is. While our websites are down, they are having a great time hanging balloons in the managers office and playing pranks on each other. Its all a joke to them.

  • JR101-great post- Don't forget to mention all the Cart Review Sites created by Volusion showing Volusion as the #1 cart. The issue isn't necessarily the problems, all systems have problems, it's how you handle them and treat your Customers that count. Volusion clearly has not learned their lessons and now more and more Customers will complain in public forums like this to get them to respond and warn potential Customers to stay away. You can't treat Customers like grabge and expect them to keep quiet or stick around.

  • Update: Even though Volusion has a 99.9% GUARANTEED UP TIME policy. Even though this issue was THEIR FAULT. They are DENYING any and all credits for the 7+ hours stores were down. And they had yet ANOTHER issue today where stores were down. This is almost DAILY with these people. ASK YOURSELF ONE QUESTION: You want to trust your LIVELIHOOD to a shopping cart company who has such a huge problem with downtime and outages that has been going on for YEARS and they REFUSE to acknowledge it and fix it and instead delete comments and ban users who complain??? Think about it.

  • Update: Volusion is having yet another outage that has lasted at least 2.5 hours and they are working diligently on removing negative comments about this newest outage from their facebook page. That is two, yes TWO major outages within 5 days. And this is just a normal week for them. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH VOLUSION UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR SITE TO BE DOWN DAILY.

  • Volusion suffers? It's the merchants that use the Volusion platform that suffer.

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