July 3, 2012, 11:20 AM

Google adds an offer-saving function to Google Wallet

Consumers can save offers they find online to redeem in stores at a later date.

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The Google Wallet checkout screen.

Store retailers will soon be able to help bridge the divide between the web and stores through a new functionality Google Inc. is adding to its fledgling mobile payment tool, Google Wallet. A “save to wallet” feature will let Google Wallet users save offers they find online to their wallets and redeem them when they visit stores. Depending on how store checkout is set up, the Google Wallet user can redeem the offer by either showing or scanning the discount on her smartphone screen at the point of sale, or by tapping the phone at a Near Field Communication terminal at checkout. NFC is a wireless technology that enables two-way communication between devices.

Merchants that want to enable the feature can use Google’s new Save to Wallet application to set up the functionality on their web sites. Google says web site owners can add the Save to Google Wallet button by pasting a snippet of JavaScript to their sites.

A sample offer displayed on Google’s web site for developers features a quick-response code—a two-dimensional bar code that typically appears as a black-and-white square—that a consumer can scan with his smartphone camera to link to a $2 off offer at a sandwich shop. He can then save that offer in his Google Wallet. Saving the offer also generates an e-mail with instructions on how to redeem it. The offer is stored in his Google Wallet app and he will receive a reminder before the offer expires, Google says.

Google Wallet’s tap-to-pay feature is available only on five NFC-enabled mobile phone models, but Google says offers can also be redeemed through the Google Wallet app from phones that don’t have NFC capabilities.

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