June 21, 2012, 11:23 AM

CandyFavorites.com boosts conversions with security services

7.5% more consumers converted when they saw a security seal.

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CandyFavorites.com may specialize in stocking retro-style candies, but its security measures are anything but old fashioned. The e-retailer makes sure consumers know their transactions are safe with a variety of security seals and bonds featured on all its pages.   

The e-retailer added McAfee’s McAfee Secure seal, a mark that shows the site has been scanned that day for security issues and passed the test, several years ago. The seal appears on the upper right of each web page. Jon H. Prince, president of CandyFavorites.com, says the e-retailer prides itself on its customer service and when consumers’ concerns over online identity theft and security grew, the e-retailer began looking for ways to better communicate to customers that the e-retailer had security measures in place.

“We realized that a vital part of the customer service equation for our online customers was giving them peace of mind that their personal information is safe,” Prince says. “If people don’t feel comfortable shopping on our site, not only will they not buy, they won’t associate our company with top customer service.”

After the e-retailer added the McAfee Secure seal, A/B testing, where one set of visitors saw the seal and another did not, showed that consumers who saw the seal converted 7.5% more often than consumers who did not see the security seal. “Our site averages 150 to 200 sales per day,” Prince says. “Over time, an extra 7.5% in orders adds up to a lot of revenue.”

CandyFavorites.com took its security and customer service focus one step further in November, when it began displaying BuySafe Inc.’s seal on the bottom right of each page. Clicking on the seal shows that BuySafe guarantees the delivery of purchases up to $500, offers up to $10,000 of protection if a consumer’s identity is stolen via the site and ensures that if the retailer drops the price of the item BuySafe will pay the difference up to $100. The guarantees are valid for 30 days. Messaging about the BuySafe bond program also appears on CandyFavorites.com’s checkout pages.

The retailer also displays a Secure Web Site seal from web site services company GoDaddy.com, which verifies that transactions on the site are protected by Secure Sockets Layer data encryption.

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