June 13, 2012, 1:08 PM

SOASTA Releases CloudTest Mobile Test Automation Platform for iOS

First automated testing solution to support iOS 6

CloudTest Mobile Will Support Appcelerator Titanium 2.0 Platform and its 300,000 Mobile Developers

Mountain View, CA, - June 13, 2012 – SOASTA, the leader in cloud and mobile testing, today released CloudTest Mobile, the first and only testing platform to deliver complete performance and functional test automation of mobile apps across real, distributed mobile devices. The CloudTest Mobile platform provides precise capture and playback of all continuous touch gestures including pan, pinch, zoom and scroll on iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  See the CloudTest Mobile demonstration here.

Today, mobile developers can easily automate the testing of their mobile apps on iOS 6.  CloudTest’s unique approach of residing inside the app allows developers to precisely test their apps when new mobile operating systems are released.

"Starting Today, Developers are working on iOS 6 versions of their Apps and automated functional testing is a real problem for these developers," stated Tal Broda, VP, Engineering, at SOASTA  "Today, CloudTest provides full support for capture and playback of any App running on iOS 6 including any gesture or any UI element."

SOASTA also announced today support for Appcelerator Titanium 2.0 platform, which gives Appcelerator’s 300,000 mobile developers seamless access to CloudTest Mobile’s test automation capabilities. See release here.

“The explosion of web and mobile applications along with the proliferation of mobile devices, makes manual testing obsolete.  With today’s rapid development cycles, time to market requirements and technology changes, developers require a new set of automation solutions to support multi-touch gestures and 3D gaming,” comments Tom Lounibos, CEO SOASTA.  “Now, with CloudTest Mobile, developers can quickly develop, test and deliver their mobile applications with the quality their users expect. Our support for Titanium 2.0 will make this especially seamless for Appcelerator’s mobile developer community.”

CloudTest Mobile delivers affordable, accurate, and complete mobile app testing using real mobile devices. Traditional testing solutions have employed device emulators and optical recognition approaches that are not precise or reliable enough to test this generation of mobile apps. CloudTest Mobile captures the start and end points of each gesture, the journey between, and the speed with which the gesture is performed. It uniquely conducts testing from within the mobile app, replacing brittle optical recognition approaches and enabling validations based on variable values and internal app state changes. Distributed mobile devices are accessed over the air, eliminating the need for tethering or “jail breaking” and allowing mobile devices – anywhere – to be used in a test.

CloudTest Mobile Delivers:

Precise and realistic functional testing

-          Test at the object level from inside the app for stable, robust tests

-          Precision capture and playback of any Apple or Android app

-          Support every gesture, every UI element

-          Run tests on your real devices in your lab or in the wild

Fast Mobile Testing

-          Runs on the proven CloudTest web platform     

-          Build fast with pre-built validations, waits, outputs & image-based checks

-          Create simple to complex tests visually using conditionals, repeats and nested clips

-          Plug into Continuous Integration systems for 100% hands-free operation

Real world testing for the real user experience

-          Use your own mobile devices and add as needed

-          Fully untethered, portable and testable over WiFi or carrier networks

-          Never jail broken or subject to OS or device upgrades to delay your testing

CloudTest Mobile Beta Testimonials

mFoundry, Steven Winter, Director of Quality “No one is interacting with mobile applications like SOASTA. The mobile test automation market has been a difficult one for us, and we've been looking for the right mobile test automation solution for years," said Steven Winter, Director of Quality at mFoundry.
 “In beta, we were impressed with CloudTest Mobile's ability to automate mobile device functionality while combining the flexibility and ease of use with object level recognition. We are already committed and very impressed with SOASTA for performance testing, and are excited about the possibilities of its mobile platform - SOASTA is moving mobile testing into the future."

Utopia Solutions, Lee Barnes, Founder and CTO “ As a leading provider of test automation solutions, Utopia Solutions signed up to evaluate CloudTest Mobile on a client’s native iOS application and we are very impressed with both the capabilities and stability of SOASTA’s solution.  CloudTest Mobile was able to interact with the application at the UI object level using native gestures making it possible to execute tests with precision and speed.  Additional features such as integration with continuous build environments and capturing performance metrics broaden CloudTest Mobile’s ability to meet our demanding requirements.  We feel confident that CloudTest Mobile provides a solid foundation for Utopia Solutions to deliver test automation solutions that provide the level of ROI our clients expect."

For its innovative CloudTest platform technology, SOASTA was chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the OnMobile Top 100 companies in 2012 for its innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value and media buzz.


CloudTest Mobile is available today. Download your free version of CloudTest Lite here. SOASTA will be hosting a webinar titled, “Are Your Mobile Apps Rock Star Ready?” on Tuesday, June 19 at 10:00am PST. For more information or to register, please click here.


SOASTA is the leader in cloud testing. The company’s CloudTest products and services leverage the power of cloud computing to quickly and affordably test consumer-facing Web and mobile apps at scale, providing customers with the confidence that their business-critical Web apps will be reliable and scalable, even under extreme loads. SOASTA’s customers include many of today’s most successful brands, including American Girl, Chegg, Gilt Groupe, Hallmark, Intuit, Microsoft and Netflix. SOASTA is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information about SOASTA, please visit www.soasta.com.

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