June 12, 2012, 4:05 PM

Smaller e-retailers find it easier to list products on eBay than on Amazon

But Amazon still provides a better overall experience, a new survey says.

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Small- and mid-sized e-retailers find it easier to list products for sale on eBay than on Amazon.com’s online marketplace, according to survey results released today by Vendio.

The e-commerce services provider, which helps merchants sell through online marketplaces and comparison shopping sites, based its findings on a spring survey of 750 small and mid-sized retailers—26% of which reported being in e-commerce for at least a decade. 

93% of respondents that used eBay rated the process of listing products there as “very easy,” “somewhat easy” or “easy.” 80% of Amazon users said the same thing.

Amazon, though, beat eBay for overall satisfaction. 80% of respondents who sell products on Amazon, which is No. 1 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, were satisfied with their overall experience, compared with 76% with eBay. The numbers evened out when it came to satisfaction with sales volume: 66% for eBay compared with 64% for Amazon.

“It is good to see that sellers are having positive experiences with both eBay and Amazon,” says Mike Effle, CEO of Vendio, which says it serves some 100,000 merchants. “It is important that sellers feel that two major online marketplaces are an effective use of their time.”

The survey also found that:

• 42% of eBay merchants said that less than 15% of their sales go toward their fees on eBay; 36% said the same about Amazon.

• 88% of eBay retailers pay less than 25% of their sales for eBay fees, compared with 91% who said the same about Amazon.

More information about the survey was not immediately available.

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